Thursday 16 July 2020
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Your Guide to Wear Different Colors of Pearl Pendants

A superior quality pearl pendant easily adapts to a wide range of outfits. Pearl comes in different colors like gold, black, lavender, pink, and green. To make it look outstanding and more appealing, you need to learn the right way to incorporate in your dressing.

White pearl pendants

White colored pearl pendant necklace is epitome of timeless class and refinement. A single pearl of this color has the potential to transform your entire outfit and prepare you for a party or a business meeting at an instant. Necklaces with white colored pearl pendant that comes with old overtones look attractive when supplemented by silver chains or 14k gold chain.

Pink or lavender pearl pendants


The lavender or blushing pink color of pearl symbolizes youthfulness and feminine charm. It gives a delicate and subtle touch to the wearer. It is mostly worn by young girls in teenage functions. Such pendants are really a fabulous accessory for adults as well as young ladies with a casual wardrobe.

The playful color of this pearl jewelry makes it a right companion for simple outfits such as ripped jeans, graphic tees, floral maxi dress etc. All of them look ten times more gorgeous when paired with this fabulous pink pearl pendant. To make it more stunning, you can pair this pendant with other jewelry pieces such as gold bracelets, dangling earrings and stacked silver.

Black pearl pendants

Black pearls are most appropriate for mature women. They are best to be worn on formal wear in an office setting. This black color gives a stylish and confident look the wearer.

Not just it is easy to wear, but also enhance the look of your outfit when worn on pencil skirts, short black dresses and silk shirts. Besides office wear, you can even combine them with nude shaded cable knit sweaters or V-neck summer outfits.


A delicate pearl encased in a pearl necklace when worn correctly will make it look pronounced and brightens up your complexion effortlessly. All these ways will surely create a perfect look that inspires elegance and confidence in you.