Saturday 4 July 2020
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Why Should We Buy Old Honda City Over the New Honda City?

It is not completely true that an old Honda City is always better than a new Honda City, but if you check the price for used Honda City in Bangalore, it does make a difference of few lakhs. Thus, let us see, why an old Honda City ‘may’ be better than a new Honda City in the same year’s model. For example, the 2017 Honda City which is old, like second hand or third hand and a new 2017 Honda City, that is, a first-hand car.

The Strong Points of Buying an Old Honda City in the New Honda City

Do remember that this is not a place where we are declaring an old Honda City to be better than a new Honda City and neither is we saying everyone to buy the old Honda City. It’s just that, if you are looking forward to buy an old one, you won’t be on a side of facing loss.

  • Pricing: Old cars cost a few lakhs when compared to their new counter parts. Thus, you can actually save quite a few lakhs in buying a old car.
  • Certification: You can get certified old cars, which is a bingo if you are looking forward in buying the old Honda City. Always remember, the distance driven doesn’t matter, but how it is driven that matters.
  • Available of finance: Yes, finance is also available on buying a used Honda City. So don’t be hyped about paying good amounts of lakhs at one go if you are thinking of buying the old Honda City.

There are quite more reasons as to why the old Honda City makes more sense for the people of the same type. Thus, if you are planning to go ahead with an old Honda City, then it is completely okay to initiate your deal.