Friday 23 October 2020
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If you are really much confused and unaware of the place you might want to head to, just make sure dubai is on the top of the list. And if you have finalised your decision. So this is the best decision you ever will make. Dubai has its own comforting zone which will make your Holidays worthwhile. Dubai is a place that makes sure to capture your heart and soul from within.

There are many places in Dubai which are exactly suitable what you are looking for. All in one. These places will literally have everything one could ask for.

All fun and joyous activities for you and your kids to make this trip a memorable one.

These locations are affordable and worth spending money on.

Of these places is Dubai desert safari.

What is so unique and different about this desert?

Dubai desert safari has its  own kind of alluring beauty which even dictionary fails to describe. There are not enough words to describe the features of this desert which extremely exceptional. When we think of a desert, we might have very unclear and vague image about a desert where people are struggling the survival. But Dubai desert safari is totally the opposite. This desert has so much fun loaded activities for you that will make your jaws drop.

One of these adventurous activities include the very known Arabian camel rides. These rides are what makes this desert an extra ordinary one. You will just feel so delighted when you are here riding on the tall Arabian brown camel and the helpful guide who will make you sit in the camel and ensue your safety. Now that you are seated you can see the huge desert with your own eyes and this will all be so blissful and full of entertainment.

After you are done with ride you have many other joyous activities to clean hands on. On of these include sand boarding. Doing sand boarding on the the silky sand of Dubai desert safari is so much fun and exciting.

Riding on bashing sand dunes is also the one of the very known activity in Dubai desert safari. Sitting on huge vehicles and driving across the desert with your family is totally excruciating.

Quad biking: if you are and adult or a  teenager with full courage and bravery, you’ll surely go for this one. Quad biking is extremely thrilling. While escaping the golden desert and just feel so amazing.

Best time of the day it is? Sitting near by the campsite, there will be a lit bonfire where belly dancers usually gather the crowd by their crazy belly dance steps on Arabian songs. These belly dancers are so cheerful. They make sure that they make you feel extra alive and make you enjoy every moment of this evening

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