Monday 19 October 2020
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Why do you choose to become a doula and make a difference?

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The role of a doula is to provide support both physical and emotional to the expectant mothers. Even though they do not have any medical training, they do have the experience and so can play a positive role n the mother’s life and make all the difference.

Why does one want to become a doula?

The choice of becoing a doula is not very easy. The rewards are really great but on the other hand, there are log working hours. This is like the wish to help other mothers during this process of child birth. It is almost like working like a child birth educator or a lactation consultant.

The work of a doula is not always a way to earn a living, but you may do it to support your families financially. That is your choice. There are many women who are working as doulas as they are passionate to play this role of giving information to mothers about child birth.

If you have a wish of becoming a doula, you need to ask yourself certain questions like:

  • The kind of time you would like to devote to training.
  • Is it possible for you to travel for training?
  • Do you have a mentor to train you?
  • Is there a certification exam?
  • What are the requirements for the continuation of education?

Once you have decided to play this role, you need to talk to people who have already taken classes earlier. You have to check if they have got all the support that they needed. There are in fact many organisations that offer certifications, do you must be aware which one is the most genuine. You have to find out which one fits your philosophy of birth as well as your budget as well as your time frame and your priorities.