Monday 19 October 2020
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Which LTD to Select for Domain Name of Your Website

Avoid country code names top level domain, also known as the ccTLD for the most part. Each country has been issued at least one ccTLD for their country to be used. The UK has .uk, Japan .jp, .cn China. Just get a ccTLD if your website is trying to target only one country. Otherwise, it’s best to choose a generic top-level domain that can be used to target the entire globe. Although there are ways to get around, it is best to avoid these problems, in my opinion.

Spend some time to search and think of a name before you buy it. After you’ve decided on a name, then you like to sleep with it for a couple of days to be sure. You could think of something better in the meantime. You could think of something that is not so good name. While you have not a lot of money to work, there is no point in buying a year or two, and then not using it, why you go with something different in the end. Of course, waiting is taking a chance someone can get the name before.

Register your domain only through an accredited ICANN registrar. Personally I’ve used top domain name services to register my name since 2003 and was very happy with registering their domain name services.

Of course, you can take a new name and redirect everything to your new website, but it’s a painful process, and you may lose some of your Google rankings for a while. “So finally, I do not recommend this approach, unless absolutely necessary.

Another option is to buy a name from a domain name auction, something that many people are doing these days. But it can be expensive to buy a dot com name like this, so watch out. I recommend go to the site go to URL and register your domain.

Feel free to leave suggestions and comments below. What worked well for you? Feel free to disagree with me about anything presented here. I wonder why you think I’m wrong and ask for some kind of evidence to support the claims.