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What To Do Before You Move Your Business

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Moving your business may be more stressful than moving your home and family. Why so? Well, this is so because with your home and family, you can control the situation. In a business, however, you do not have control over the situation as there are certain guidelines that you will need to follow during the move. While you can hire commercial moving services to help you with the big move, you will need to decide what has to be moved and at what point in time can it be moved.

During an office move, things can get stressful and go way out of hand – similar to moving homes. What adds to the stress, however, is the fact that it is NOT business as usual. Hence, you will have to plan out everything in advance. The purpose of every business is to make money. During the move, though, this will not be possible as the company is essentially not up and running. And because of that, you will need to make up for the lost time beforehand.

Remember that the goal in a business is to be cost efficient. To achieve this goal, you will need to utilize your time wisely. The lesser the time spent in moving your company, the more you are able to work and earn money for the business and yourself. For this reason, always give yourself ample time before the big move – start by placing in a box things that you may not need on a daily basis. As the moving date comes closer, that is when you start to pack away the bigger things such as your desktop and work related files. Do not make the mistake of rush packing everything in a few days as this will just cause you to be frantic – this will just lead you to stress out more.

The moment you decide on your new office space, make sure to have your designer create a floor plan. This is extremely important as it gives you and your employees an idea as to what your space is going to look like when it is ready. Your floor plan is essentially a blueprint of your office. With that said, it should contain necessary details such as the square meters per area as well as the layout of the entire floor with rooms, doors, and windows from an overhead view.

In addition to that, make it a point to check out your new space beforehand. Take measurements of the space as well as your old or new furniture pieces such as your desk, chairs, cabinets, etc. This is a crucial step as you will want to make sure that everything fits within the space. When you have a good idea as to what your space looks like with your furniture pieces, you can then start to envision the finished area – complete with your personal items.

Lastly, and most importantly, keep an open and good line of communication. If you are able to communicate properly with everyone, then you will know of all small details related to the big move. Since some items may be similar to others (such as desks), then label those items and make sure to tell your peers and movers that a specific item belongs to you and where it should be placed in the new office.

Here is a bonus tip: keep a checklist to know what items have left the office and what items are in the new office. If you find anything missing, then let them know. Since a lot of things are being moved, missing items are common.

These are simply some things you can do in order to ensure a smoother business move. Again, make sure to plan everything beforehand – months ahead, actually, for the best results. During your move, the best thing you can do is to hire commercial moving services to help you get through it as there are a number of things that have to be moved – most of which are heavy-duty and fragile items.

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