Monday 21 September 2020
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Water Castle (Taman Sari) Tour

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Taman Sari, or Water Castle, was a fraction of what once a water palace for Yogyakarta’s female royal family members. It is a well-kept garden, reflecting a maze of hidden passageways architecture, and pools, including an underground mosque. Nevertheless, it is a stunning castle. You need to pay for a ticket to get into Taman Sari, an additional fee if you’re going to take photos with a professional camera. Swimming is not allowed in the pools where was used for the Sultan’s queen and his concubines. Taman Sari is easy enough to visit separately, but a few prefer to visit within a city tour that also includes other historical and imperial attractions like the Kraton (Sultan’s Palace) and Kota Gede. Some Yogyakarta tours cover the Borobudur or Prambanan temple too.

Taman Sari is essential for selfie lovers, photographers, and anyone with a passion for design. The title “Taman sari” means “beautiful garden.” Taman Sari can also be known as “Water Castle.” An old Dutch article called it a “waterkasteel.”

The pools we see are only a small portion of their original Taman Sari, which included a vast lake and a complex of pavilions and pools. About one-third of a mile west of the Kraton, Taman Sari located at the heart of downtown Yogyakarta, alongside other historical attractions. It’s a simple and scenic walk from the Kraton, and the district around is also fascinating.

Taman Sari is open in the morning to early day seven days each week. The mosque, specifically, is a selfie destination, with long lines at most times daily. To beat, eschew weekends and public holidays, after launching in the morning, and arrive.

Taman Sari’s most unique attraction is the Sumur Gumuling (Coiled Well). It is a selfie mecca for its M.C. Escher-fashion stairways; the five attached staircases may signify the five pillars of Islam. Most consider this extraordinary underground structure with its circular atrium was initially used as a mosque.