Friday 23 October 2020
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Warning Signs that indicate you are a Gambling Addict and how to avoid it

The introduction of online casinos was to offer convenience to the gamblers by removing the need to travel to land-based casinos. The virtual sports from various Malaysia online gambling can be accessed through your mobile phone and computer.

However, availing the sports to the vulnerable population is posing the risk of addiction. How can you detect you are an addict and ways to avoid it?

Bet too much of your money

Although betting is harmless and is a form of entertainment for most players, you can find yourself at a tight spot and become a victim of being an addict. The first danger sign that indicates you are heading in the wrong direction is overspending in gaming sessions.

Some online sites such as BK8 Malaysia set up regulation rules to ensure that their players don’t overspend on their websites. Such regulations are useful to assist the player not to overspend on the site.

Concealing your betting sessions from your family and loved ones

The next warning sign is concealing your betting attempts from people that surround you. If you are hiding your betting sessions, it means your loved ones merely think you are spending too much time on the betting sites or overspending.

The solution to this problem is to ensure you set a time limit to the betting sessions to avoid hindering your productivity. Being around the clock on the casino sites is disastrous to your finances and mental health.

Gambling is affecting your personal life

The gambling sessions should be part of entertainment and should not consume your entire life. If you are having a strained relationship with people that surround you, it is high time you strategize new betting plans. A smart bettor dedicates a specific time of the day to feed their gambling needs. Proper planning avoids the danger of addiction.

Selling off assets to feed your gambling addiction

You should only bet on what you can afford if you find yourself selling your assets to place a bet you are becoming an addict. Ensure you are disciplined enough to separate the gambling money from your savings and personal assets.

Not quitting when you should

Veterans in the casino industry know when to halt their gambling attempts to avoid massive losses. One strategy to maximize your profits is betting for shorts sessions despite whether you are on the winning or losing side. If you cannot stop the playing session, it means you are progressively becoming an addict.


Online betting is advantageous due to its convenience and attractive bonuses available. However, if you abuse the entertainment session, you might find yourself an addict to gambling. Addictive gambling is disastrous, and you should find ways to mitigate the risk.