Friday 23 October 2020
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Ungaran Mountain in Semarang Regency, Central Java Province

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Undoubtedly, Ungaran Mountain becomes one of the very best tourist attractions in Semarang Regency. Even though it is a kind of volcano, there’s no indication of volcanic activity there. Thus, everybody is allowed to explore the mountain openly. And of course, it’s come to be the home of lots of natural and historical attractions including the famous Gedong Songo Temple. Even Bandungan Tourist Area resides there! This explains why people keep coming to the mountain with time no matter where they come from. Concerning region, it’s bordering with Ungaran City in the east side and Ambarawa City in the southwest.

The Nuance

Concerning dimensions, Ungaran Mountain gets got the height of approximately 2050 meters. As stated earlier, there’s no volcanic activity recently, so it’s thought to be a safe volcano. Regardless of the fact, visitors may discover hot springs in the feet of the mountain. As for the amenities, tourists can find plenty of inns and hotels scattered in different parts of the hill, especially Bandungan. The very first one is considered the most famous, however.

Researching Ungaran Mountain

The very first allure in Ungaran Mountain is unquestionably associated with the history. It has many different names, including Ngroengroengan and Karundungan! The rumor has it. There’s the tomb of Dasamuka located beneath the mountain! He had been buried alive by Hanoman on account of the terrible behaviors. It is also said Hanoman lives in a nearby mountain named Telomoyo to watch Dasamuka over time. He is afraid that such a monster might revive suddenly. For more info, tourists can talk more to the excursion guide.

The following allure is none aside from the panorama. For the data, the mountain includes 3 fantastic bedrooms! The tallest one is indeed Ungaran Peak. Others are Botak and Gendol Peak, which can also be acceptable for hiking. In terms of the woods, the mountain has a lot of majestic references, particularly Montane Forest (that can be thought to be the most famous one).

Furthermore? Found in the incline of the mountain, tourists may discover a renowned archeological site called Gedong Songo Temple. Somehow, it turns into the signature tourist attraction.

What’s next? A lot of people also come to Ungaran Mountain to enjoy trekking and camping. As for the very best camping ground, it’s named Mawar Camp (which can be the hiking checkpoint). While during the night, sparkling lights of nearby buildings look so fantastic! It’s unquestionably a comprehensive site to enjoy an experience and exploration, is not it?

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