Friday 5 June 2020
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Top Attractions When Visiting Seattle

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Seattle is a city that is an absolute gem of an urban center, and there’s a reason that it is often seen as the jewel of the Pacific Northwest. A thriving economic and cultural hub, Seattle has learned how to invest in both to provide an experience for residents or visitors that makes them a popular destination for all. Seattle is a city with many very different and distinctive attractions to check out and experiences to have, so start out with finding a good deal on a motorhome rental and get ready to check out many of the top memorable attractions when visiting the city of Seattle.

The Space Needle

One of the most distinctive buildings in the world, Seattle’s Space Needle is over 600 feet tall and features a fine dining restaurant that offers remarkable 360 degree view of Seattle and the surrounding beautiful natural areas like Mount Rainer or Puget Sound. This is the type of building that simply isn’t replicated and it is impossible to mistake for another building in the city of Seattle. If you’re up for a truly elegant meal and want to see some incredible views, it is hard to argue with what the Space Needle has to offer as an experience.

Pike Place Market

A major part of Pike Place Market since all the way back in 1907, this 120+ year old market is a mainstay attraction for residents and visitors alike. Open year-round, this well-known farmer’s market offers plenty of fresh seafood, vegetables, flowers, local dairy items, and even local crafts. This market is also famous for the “flying fish” as vendors yell out and happily toss large salmon to each other while cracking joke and enjoying with childish glee being able to toss fish a good ten, fifteen feet from one to another to fill up those seafood stalls.

Hit the Ferries

While your motorhome rental will need to stay back at camp for this one, the ferries offer an inexpensive but great way to slow down for a bit and take a look at the natural beauty that the area offers. The ferry can be boarded right down on the waterfront of the Seattle downtown and gets you to Bainbridge, where you can find a very tourist friendly town of Winslow. Head back on the ferry and enjoy views of the Seattle skyline coming back in that direction.

There’s a lot to see on the ferries, especially on a truly clear day.

Downtown Waterfront

There aren’t many major cities in the States that have a major waterfront that is part of the downtown, but Seattle isn’t your average city, either. A large and broad sidewalk along the waterfront and harbors gives plenty of room for local businesses, shops, restaurants specializing in fresh seafood, and more. This area even has the famous Great Wheel (an impressive 175 foot tall Ferris Wheel) and even the Aquarium.

This is a remarkable place to visit, and you can easily spend an entire day just checking out local spots, enjoying the piers, and really explore what the waterfront has to offer.

Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center is the type of outstanding educational attraction that you would expect from a city so strongly committed to technology and education. The Pacific Science Center (PSC) isn’t even contained in just one building, but this center is actually five buildings of various “hands-on” exhibits encouraging interacting and learning with science, two IMAX theaters, a planetarium with popular laser light shows, and of course the famous Butterfly House, home to thousands upon thousands of beautiful butterflies.

The enjoyment factor isn’t age specific here, either. The PSC has displays, exhibits, and activities for visitors of all ages and even includes some extremely impressive architecture that in and of itself would be worth the trip even without all those exceptional displays and experiences that allow science lovers of all age to enjoy the experience and learn plenty of note.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is a really neat hidden little gem. While not the most famous park in the city, nor the most visited, there’s a lot to love about this park especially if you are an amateur photographer. Kerry Park offers incredible views of Seattle’s skyline (including a great shot of the Space Needle), and you can even seek out Queen Anne Hill and wait for a picture of a ferry crossing Elliott Bay, or another exceptionally beautiful shot to grab another outstanding picture of your travels.

In the right weather and circumstances, there are times that you may even get lucky and be able to enjoy an outstanding view of the famed Mt. Rainier.

Enjoy the Jewel of the Pacific Northwest

Seattle is a thriving city that was thriving even before Microsoft and the tech boom of the last few decades that have further helped the city grow and continue to fund the types of attractions that give residents plenty to do while attracting visitors from around the world. So take care of that motorhome rental, get some daily plans in place, and go enjoy everything that Seattle has to offer!