Saturday 4 July 2020
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Top 13 Must-Try Delicacies When in Puri

Puri is a perfect holiday destination and is one of the most visited cities in India. Long walks on the beaches or visiting the Jagannath Temple is on every tourist’s list here. However, when you are in Puri, make sure that you don’t miss trying the following delicacies:

Dalma – A traditional dish of Odisha, this curry has pulses as prime ingredients along with a variety of vegetables such as papaya, brinjal, banana, and potato among others. Dalma is easily available at most eateries in Puri.

Ukhuda – A dry sweet dish prepared with fried paddy and jaggery, Ukhuda is offered to Lord Jagannath. It can be found in and around temples and is a delight for the taste buds.

Malai Chapati – If you have a sweet tooth, you must try Malai Chapati! Simply put, this is a chapati made with the thin layer of cream that forms on milk, along with sugar, and a topping of cardamom powder.  

Khaja – You would find most of the hawkers inside and outside the temples selling Khaja, which is a sweet dish delicacy made with flour and dipped in caramelized sugar.

Abadha or Chappan Bhoga at Ananda Bazar – Abadha is the ‘Maha Bhog’ that is offered to Lord Jagannath. It can be purchased from inside the temple or you can have it at the temple, where it is distributed. The meal comprises rice, dal and mixed vegetables, a total of 56 recipes which would make a great sumptuous meal.

Chhena Poda – This sweet dish is a cross between a cheesecake and a flan. It is an absolute local delicacy made with cottage cheese, sugar and cardamom cooked in an iron pan over an open flame.

Chena Jhilli – This mouth-watering cheese dish, is basically a deep-fried cottage cheese patty soaked in a sugar syrup. Originated in Nimapada, a small town in the Puri district, Chena Jhilli is quite popular and is easily available in sweet shops/restaurants/roadside eateries all over the city.

Seafood – Puri is a bliss for seafood lovers! There are multiple stalls that sell a variety of fresh seafood – be it fried or spicy.

Mahura – It is a very popular prasad of Lord Jagannath. Mahura is prepared without onion and garlic. With the right mix of vegetables such as raw bananas, yam, egg plants and pumpkins and flavourful spices, Mahura has always been everyone’s favourite in Puri.

Kakara Pitha – Kakara pitha is commonly made during Puja occasions in Puri. This Pitha falls under the Fried Pitha category. Kakara is made with either Semolina (Sooji) or wheat flour.

Gupchup – Similar to ‘Puchka’ in Bengal, this is an extremely popular street snack in Puri which Odias swear by! The delicacy consists of crisp puris served with chana masala and sour Jal jeera.

Rasabali – This sweet dish is served at the Jagannath Temple as a part of chappan bhoga, owing its originality from Kendrapara district in Odisha. The sweet dish is glazed with cardamoms and soaked in thick flavoured milk.

Dahi vada-aloo dum – An extremely popular street food in Odisha, dahi vada and aloo dum is available round the clock! Generally considered to be two separate food items, Odisha’s dahi vada and aloo dum makes for an idiosyncratic blend. A unique combination of savoury and spicy, one portion of this street food will leave you craving for more.

Plan your trip to Puri and do not forget to check Puri hotels online on to avail good deals. Also, if you are a true foodie, you must not leave Puri without trying these awesome local delicacies!