Tuesday 29 September 2020
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The Fundamentals of Selecting a UPS System?

If you are new to the uninterruptible power supply system world, then below here is a guide book for you to understand the concept and find out which one will work best for your needs.

What is a UPS?

A UPS offers battery backup for a time duration to efficiently shut down your devices in case of sudden power failure. It prevents any data loss and lowers the pressure on your system’s hardware due to immediate power cut. It also functions like a surge protector which secure connected gadgets from power issues like abnormal voltage supply or power surge which may lead to lower lifespan or damage to the device.

Why do you need a UPS system?

During the time of blackout, the UPS instantly switches to battery power to offer a constant power source for the battery. The life of battery varies depending on how much power is being used. The battery backup gives you sufficient time to power down the devices, services, gaming consoles without any loss of data.

Different types of UPS systems available

UPS systems have different categories depending on the kind of power protection you need. The three of them are Standby, line interactive and double conversion.

Kind of power issues you suffer from

The major problem you suffer from is a complete blackout. This is when your power is out and it may range from a few seconds to several days. The other problems include surge, brown-out, voltage fluctuation, over voltage, frequency noise, variation in frequency as well as harmonic distortion.

How big UPS do you need?

In order to make the UPS function nicely, it should be big enough to support different equipment plugged into it. You should know the capacity of your UPS. The higher the capacity, the more devices it can support. In order to know how many devices, it can support, you should find out the load first.

Also, you need to find out for how long do you want the electricity supply once the power has gone out. You need to determine the run time of the attached devices. The minimum runtime of a device is the time needed for it to properly shutdown.

Where should you buy your UPS system from?

Now that you know the kind of UPS system you are looking for and its purpose, then you should choose a reliable and reputed store to make your purchase from. Narrow down the list of different UPS selling stores online and select the brands and UPS system which fit your need. If you need some guidance, then you speak to the technical team online. Check out the sale Ups [ขาย UPS, which is the term in Thai] and choose the one which fits your purpose well.

With so many options available at your end, the purchase is completely your option. Do not worry about its lifespan. With right maintenance and correct load supply, you can run it for 7-8 years without any issue or complications involved. So, go ahead and buy one now.