Tuesday 29 September 2020
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The Best Social Media Managers That Suit Your Business Needs

Social Media has become of the most powerful tools in seeing the expansion of your business, pushing consumers through your website and ensuring consumers do return. A well organised and effectively driven content on socials can be so important to the success of a business now a days.

Social media management tools have therefore begun to pop up across the web to ensure that business owners are able to easily access their entire social media arsenal from one single site/tool. We’ve used many across the internet and have created a short list for you to decide which would be best to push your business forward.

Social media has seen some exponential growth during 2020 due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 due to many more consumers being house bound to ensure they are practising social distancing and therefore more time spent online. Other online services that have benefitted from this due to the same reasons are companies like Netflix and specifically online casinos in which the RedRose Casino reviews back up. Combing both the best casino tables on the market with fast withdrawals, huge deposit matches and welcome bonuses for all new customers is just some of the reasons why they have been getting such good reviews.

First on our list, and one of the first social media management tools that came onto the market is that of Buffer. Buffer specialises in primarily scheduling posts and is a beginner-type software which lets you do this with ease. Buffer supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – the main sites that you want to be targeting, however more can be added if the full version is paid for. Due to Buffer being just a scheduling manager, it does lack on insights into post-performance but if you are looking for just a tool to schedule posts for; Buffer is the choice.

If you are requiring something a little bit more complex, and a bit more of an all-in-one scheduling, monitoring and statistics behind your posts, then we would sway more towards Hootsuite. This tool is compatible with over 35 social networks and even more can be added if necessary, through their extensions program. As well as their full scheduling calendar for all socials, their analytics is one of their more impressive tools. It gives you an insight into more than 200 metrics to measure the performance of each post and then you can actually extract them into Excel, PowerPoint, PDF’s etc – a very useful tool. Hootsuite really is the full package for business, but there are many different tiered pricing with it so to unlock all features, we recommend the pro versions.