Monday 17 February 2020
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The Best Pharma CRM Solutions to Guide Your Sales Reps

Pharmaceuticals are a high-tech industry, and production itself in it is a very complicated process. The task of pharmaceutical business organizations is to manufacture medicines but what is even more important to sell them. And contact with various medical and preventive establishments and specialists is a must at all stages of the work.

One of the main peculiarities of companies working in the sphere of pharmaceuticals is the highly important role of sales representatives. So, automation is essential, firstly, to streamline the sales system. Here you can find information that pharmaceutical companies traditionally focus their CRM endeavors on sales force automation. Nevertheless, there are other important goals:

  • maintaining a single pharmacy base,
  • medical and preventive institutions and doctors,
  • statistic analysis and reporting on ongoing meetings and contracts.

All this and more should be implemented in CRM. Let’s reveal some important features of 5 most popular pharma CRM solutions.



Bpm’online pharma is a branch solution for automation of tasks of manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products. This solution has recommended itself as highly reliable and profitable pharma CRM tool.  It has a function of tracking relations history with distributors, pharmacies and doctors gathered in a single information space. That allows managing the pharmaceutical business more effectively.

Key characteristics and possibilities:

–    unified database of organizations and contacts;

–    segments and customer categories;

–    hospital sales and networking;

–    cycled tasks;

–    field force management;

–    marketing;

–    sales planning;

–    product portfolio;

–    organization of work of the contact center;

–    analytics.


CRMNEXT is a powerful financial CRM system. This cloud-based platform is an effective solution for multiple industries. In pharmaceutical sphere this CRM tool is highly effective for lead capturing, conversion rates boosting, and increasing customer profitability.

Key characteristics and possibilities:

–    lead management optimization;

–    coaching tips for representatives;

–    360 degrees prospects views and relevant sales pitches composing;

–    customer value generation;

–    cross-sell and sell offers increasing;

–    quality data for profound analysis;

–    competitor’s campaigns tracking.

                                                                                        SAP CRM


SAP CRM is an industry solution which integrates employees, partners, processes, and technologies. In addition, the SAP CRM system enables companies to offer customers support through various channels: a customer interaction center, online applications for customer service and complaint applications.

Key characteristics and possibilities:

–    marketing activities  planning

–    marketing campaigns creation and management;

–    telemarketing implementation;

–    new sales opportunities generation;

  • customer base segmentation.


StayinFront combines CRM and sales force automation solutions which helps sales representatives identify, encourage and retain high valued customers.

Key characteristics and possibilities:

–    sales force automation and retail processing solution;

–    CRM analytics engine;

–    back-end and mobile analytics;

–    management reporting tools;

–    merchandising tools;

–    cloud hosting;

–    easily customizable.

                                                                                    Prophet CRM


Every single business differs and, of course, needs a specific CRM solution that is created according to the business size, kind of customers and employees and to the unique industry, they deal with. Prophet CRM by Avidian is a system which can be adjusted to the requirements of many types of companies and spheres of functioning. Numerous companies use this pharma CRM software to manage their own sales staff and grow their profit.

Key characteristics and possibilities:

–  unique “integration” with Outlook;

–  customized marketing approaches;

–  automation of repeatable workflows and tasks;

–  mobile CRM version;

–  cloud based databases;

–  forecasts, trends, reports.

Description: Pharma CRM software solution for building stronger customer relationships. It deals with numerous customer-related processes providing higher profit for pharma companies.