Friday 23 October 2020
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Taken an unpaid day-off work? Receive back your income by knowing how to play rummy online.


A person’s livelihood depends upon their attendance and skills that they exhibit during their work hours in their office. Yet there are moments when the person feels like taking a leave of absence. Whether they have a valid reason or simply want to unwind a bit, the unpaid leave means they lose a day’s worth of income.

The amount that gets deducted from the salary for the unpaid leave is calculated by dividing the basic salary with the number of working days. Every office goer knows their daily income as that is the first thing they calculate when signing the joining letter. To make up for the deduction, a person can always turn to rummy.

Techniques to win cash with rummy

Rummy is a skill-based game. Players are required to develop certain skills, adopt some strategies and be creative when they are playing the game, especially when cash is involved. In order to win cash, players can make use of these strategies that can help them understand exactly how to play rummy well:

  • Develop skills

Cash rummy is not only an exciting but also a serious game. Many players choose to play higher stakes which means a single mistake can result in immense loss. Practising with free games and lower point’s games will help the player hone their confidence level.

  • Choosing the correct game type

There are mainly 3 categories of rummy games. The Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy and 21 or Marriage Rummy. The Points Rummy is the quickest way to earn money as there is a new game after the previous round. The winning is decided instantaneously when the player declares their hand. The winnings are calculated on the points value multiplied by the points accumulated by the losing players. Deals and Pool Rummy have a fixed goal and once a player achieves the goal they are declared as the winner and the winning amount is the number of players in the table multiplied by the entry fee. The 21 cards Rummy increases the chance of winning huge amounts of cash but then the risks involved are also greater. Choosing the correct game based on their skills also increases a person’s chance to win big.

  • Playing free tournaments

Throughout the day, rummy games offer various free tournaments which huge cash prizes for the winners. The higher up in the ranking list the player is, the more they can win even if they do not win the first prize. There is always something for everyone with these tournaments. Playing a few such tourneys also increases the cash winning of the person.

  • Keeping a lookout for bonuses

The rummy sites always have lucrative offers and discounts for their players. These bonuses often help players win more cash throughout the day. They need to use the bonus code when making a deposit. Once they successfully made the deposit, they can play throughout the day to maximize their winnings.


When a person learns how to play rummy with constant practice, they are confident enough to take on bigger point values and increase their winnings. With the correct strategy, a person can become a pro rummy player. When this achievement is unlocked, they can turn even an unpaid leave day into a profitable one while relaxing. If they have plans to go out, they can carry the game with them via the rummy mobile app.