Sunday 12 July 2020
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Promotional Gifts that Work for Any Occasion

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As an entrepreneur, you have to master the art of giving. Yes, gifting clients, customers and employees is a mandatory gesture of goodwill and relationship building that all organisations practise.  Promotional gifts have become part of every corporate budget and funds have to be allocated each year for them. It is not just enough to procure gifts but make sure that they suit the occasion. It is not practically possible to buy gifts for each and every occasion. So it is best to buy promotional gifts that suit any occasion. Here are some valuable tips to help you select promotional gifts that suit all occasions.

Promotional gifts for all occasions

As marketers or entrepreneurs,  you have to be conscious of both the purpose and the price of the promotional gift. Take a look at some of these pocket-friendly and purposeful gifts that suit any event or celebration.

  1. Water bottle

A water bottle is a gift that goes with any occasion and suits people of all ages. No one refuses a water bottle when it is gifted to them as it is the most commonly used item at home, office and in all walks of life. At home, office, school, gym, park, picnic or party, everywhere you go, you find a use for the water bottle.
Perfect for your budget and your brand promotion, the water bottle is the best choice as a promotional gift. Select a trendy design, brand it with your company logo, and gift it on any occasion to get the best ROI for your promotion.
2.         Stress balls
Health is wealth and people are realising this more these days. Yes, everyone is under stress with work tensions and commitments these days.  Gift them this stress-buster ball and watch them feel grateful for this thoughtful gift.
This stress ball is specifically designed to create a pleasant diversion for work alcoholics to relieve their work tensions. Your customers or employees will really value this gift as they appreciate your concern for their health. Get this promotional gift branded and gift it on any occasion to evoke loyalty among your customers and staff.
3.         Coffee mugs
Coffee mugs have become the universal option for gifting.  They emerge as the first choice as gifts as they suit all ages, races and cultures.
Everyone loves to have their own special coffee mug. Why not make this special mug your gift? Choose from self-stirring mugs, photonics or ordinary ceramic mugs but get them branded as your company promotional gifts suitable for any occasion.
4.         Mobile stand/ holder
Almost everyone has a mobile these days.  Get this useful mobile stand that is the ideal gift to present your clients, customers or loyal staff. Moderately priced and manufactured in different designs and colours, the mobile stand will be a gift that is appreciated by all. Since it can be easily customised, get it branded with your company credentials with the help of your print provider.
Mobile stands are available in different models – clip stands, car stands and even holders that can be fitted on a motorcycle. Get this useful gift which is suitable for any occasion and watch your customers feel pleased with these gifts.
5.         Branded pens
If you are looking for easy and economical gifts that can be ordered in bulk and stocked in plenty to give as promotional giveaways, the best option is to procure branded pens. Select from a mind-blowing collection of writing pens and get them embossed with your company details. Now order them in bulk and keep them ready. Whatever be the occasion or event, you can now distribute branded pens as promotional gifts readily. Most used and meagrely priced, branded pens make the best promotional gifts that suit any occasion and budget.

Every year, many occasions arise for gifting. Get promotional gifts that suit them all and get them tailored to reflect your company image.