Saturday 6 June 2020
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Prepping for a party? Do this first

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Removing hair from the visible parts of your body can be quite a chore, and it should not be left to a last-minute salon appointment. We tell you how to do it at home by yourself.

If there is one thing you detest about your appearance, it is your body hair. You get yourself waxed often, but sometimes there is no time to book a salon appointment. Many times, you wear clothes that cover your body entirely so that no unsightly hair is visible.

First things first…

You might mistakenly believe that you can get away by removing hair only from the visible parts of your skin. But consider this: that elbow-length top is going to ride up at some point and expose your armpits, or that pair of culottes may reveal an expanse of hairy calves. It is always better to remove hair a little more than the exposed parts of the skin just to be certain that you appear totally hair-free. In fact, we recommend doing your limbs entirely every time you remove hair from your body – it gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want at a moment’s notice, without having to rush for a salon appointment first!

Say goodbye to salon appointments, and hello to hair removal at home

There are several leading hair removal brands today that offer convenient and simple options for home use. These products are meant for personal use by the buyer, in the privacy of their home. From depilatory creams to waxing strips and trimmers, they offer easy solutions to remove hair whenever you want. So, you don’t need to wait for your salon to book you – get going with hair removal whenever you wish, and wear what you want!

Waxing:It is quite convenient to use cold wax strips at home, provided you follow the instructions correctly. They are easy to use, and they do not cause a mess as well. Besides, you can use them even on sensitive areas of the body like the bikini line or underarms – wax yourself at home before a beach vacation, and rock those tank tops and shorts in style!

Trimming:Leading hair removal companies have devised portable hair trimmers that you can use on sensitive skin, such as on the sideburns, upper lip, eyebrows, underarms, and bikini line. The trimmer runs on a battery cell, and you can use it instead of opting for harsh treatments like waxing the facial skin or threading to remove hair. It is also great for last minute touch-ups, when a full waxing session is not required.

Depilatory creams:This is the most painless option to remove hair. Simply apply the cream on the skin and wait for a few minutes. Then wipe off with a slightly wet napkin – the cream and hair come away easily. Rinse the skin with cold water and gently pat dry. Depilatory creams are best for use all over the body, but do choose one that suits your skin type for the best results.