Thursday 2 July 2020
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Personal Assistant – A job robot would have a hard time replacing

Although the noise around robots coming for all our jobs seems to have died down, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powering the functionality of robots, that are more efficient in completing certain jobs, is quietly continuing to undergo development. So many jobs are quietly being taken over by AI, but there are many careers which will indicatively never be replaced by even the most advanced and intuitive AI. As far as it goes with PA recruitment London, as a powerful global business hub, bears testimony to the job of a personal assistant perhaps making for one of these jobs which a robot could never really successfully take over and complete quite like a human being can.

Virtual assistants as a pre-cursor to AI personal assistants

Beyond the world of PA recruitment as part of the process of procuring personal assistant services, AI is effectively first trialled in the purely virtual space, so you’d have bots that operate digitally as opposed to physical robots, perhaps as a precursor to the subsequent development and deployment of physical robots. Now, taking things back to the PA recruitment London in particular is a leader in, it’s an interesting observation to note that in spite of the explosion of VA (Virtual Assistant) services, traditional PAs are still preferred over VAs that could be hired and managed at a much, much cheaper rate.

The operative word is “personal”

Sure, you could very well hire a virtual assistant from the likes of the Philippines and then subsequently slash your would-be payroll bill, but the operative word in “Personal Assistant” is indeed “Personal.” No amount of programming-genius will ever be able to programme the kind of intuition into a robot that will perhaps have that AI PA taking initiative to maybe move some of your meetings around, because a combination of factors in their daily interaction with you suggest that that’s exactly what you need in the moment. No set of programmatic instructions can ever go the extra mile to perhaps make sure you have a choice between some of your favourite snacks, at a moment they deduced you might just need to fill up a bit to keep your energy levels going, for instance.

A thriving PA recruitment industry

The PA recruitment agencies London boasts probably haven’t hit the news circuits for a very long time, simply because there are no such issues as robots coming for their jobs to worry about. It’s business as usual, so anyone looking for the services of a PA agency London has on offer, there are some great options in abundance.

On the flip-side, traditional PAs are stepping up their game in the personal part of what it means to be a PA, perhaps in anticipation of the suggested rise in AI that could very well target their jobs as well.