Tuesday 7 July 2020
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Off to an international Vacation? These Five Travel-hacks will save your Day!

International flights are costly and often long. It is always advisable to prepare for these flights beforehand to ensure last-minute mistakes and misses. This article throws light on five most critical points to be remembered and taken care of before and during your overseas trip.

A number of airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and many others, now offer many international flights with an impressive frequency and discounted prices. International travelling is in vogue but preparing for International Flights is still a complicated process. Preparation is not just necessary for the first time travellers but also for the seasoned ones. International flights require quite a lot of preparation and depending on the duration and type of travel, the preparation may take up to many months. International flights are long hauled flights with usually one to two halt junctions, thus it is advised to plan for both – before the flight phase and in-transit phase. We have worked on five critical points which will demystify international flights for you and help you to enjoy a stress-free vacation.

  1. Documents Required – Travelling overseas requires two main documents – Visa & Passport. Both of these documents can be obtained by applying online and then visiting the passport office or the embassy office for collecting these documents. A lot of countries demand passports with minimum six-month validity. So, make sure you check your passport’s validity. You may use a travel visa, work visa or student visa depending on your scope of travelling abroad. Apart from Visa and Passport, make sure you get your air tickets printed and keep all these documents handy while you’re in flight or changing flights during layovers. You might also register with your nation’s embassy in the country you are visiting – this is just a precaution – to help you/your family in case of any unforeseen crisis.
  2. Medical Insurance & First-Aid Packing – Medical Insurance is imperative while travelling abroad. Check with your insurance company to see if their medical insurance policies also cover you on your international flights and during overseas trips. Nonetheless, make sure you make your own first-aid kit comprising of painkillers, common cold and flu medicines, band-aids, and other drugs that you require.
  3. Web Check-in and meal selection – You can web check-in 48 hours before your international flight. This way you can choose your favourite seat and avoid the long queue for a boarding pass at the airport. Once you do the web check-in, you can quickly get the boarding pass from kiosks installed in the airport. You can also pre-book your meals or your choices of the meal on the flight. On the flight, it’s always advisable to eat light and be hydrated all the times.
  4. Arriving Early at the Airport – You should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your departure time. This will ensure that you have optimal time for collecting boarding pass, immigration, security check-in and having a light meal if required. Sometimes, immigration could have long queues. Besides most international airports are huge and reaching the boarding gate may take some time. Hence, it is advisable that you have ample time at the airport.
  5. Currency Change and Bank Intimation – Though the credit cards offered by banks these days are mostly international in perspective, but it’s still a good practice to check with the bank regarding the validity of your credit cards overseas. You can also use currency exchange services to get the prospective country’s local currency with you even before you reach there. Also, it is advisable to intimate your bank about your upcoming international travel so that the bank knows that transactions occurring at foreign locations are valid and not fraudulent.

A thorough preparation for your international flight will save you from numerous headaches on the day of travel. You can also create your own-checklist and check items a day before your flight and on the day of your flight to ensure that you didn’t miss anything. Be it Chennai to Singapore flights, or Mumbai to Turkey flights, and hundreds of other routes, with hundreds of flights flying to international destinations daily, you can easily book a ticket to your favourite destination and ensure a happy trip by keeping these points in mind. We hope you have a great flight and an awesome vacation ahead.