Friday 5 June 2020
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L Sealers

When goods are being packaged for retail, it’s important that they look good to the customers. L Sealers are sealing machines that are used to wrap and seal products being-wrapped using shrink film, usually in folded roll form.

Automatic L Sealers wrap goods using at a higher speed, which makes them more convenient and reliable. L-Sealers are ideal for high speeds, provide great performance and are worth every single penny. A complete system comprises a full automatic sealing machine and a separate shrink tunnel.

They create shrink film poly bags around your product. After that, shrink tunnels attached to them apply heat to the poly bags, making them shrink and tighten the film. An L sealer machine can be found in a semi-automatic and automatic format. They are a great low volume packaging solution since they can seal 35 packages in a minute which is really impressive.

Semi-Automatic Sealers

They require an operator who will place the products inside the shrink wrap film that is usually folded. The operator is needed to lower the machine’s sealing arm applying heat, resulting in the formatting of the formed end which marks the end of the sealing process. When a shrink tunnel is paired with the sealer, the two systems can provide an optimal solution to shrink packaging. It would be the best idea to look for semi-automatic L Sealer machines for sale and get one as they pack approximately 20 packages in a minute which is great right?

The following are the types of Semi-Automatic L-Sealers:

Automatic L Sealers

  • The Damark SMC 1620
  •  The Damark Maxipak
  • The Damark SMC 2228

These types of sealers have a conveyor fed that is automatically operated and processes up to 35 packages in a minute. Soft fed conveyors carry the products and place them in the folded shrink film. They have sealing arms that can be adjusted and they lower as the products are moving through the system. Once the goods are sealed, the pouch that is then closed is moved into the shrink tunnel, which shrinks and tightens the film.

Here are the different automatic L Sealers:

  •  A-26A Shanklin Automatic L-Sealers
  • A-27A Shanklin Automatic L-Sealers with T-7H Tunnels
  •  APS-LP25 Damark Automatic L-Bar Sealers
  • Rals Automatic L-Bar Sealers.

L- sealers are very crucial machines in most businesses that need packaging, so it would be better if you took the time to choose one that suits your needs. Among the factors you should look for are: It should be fully automatic, have preset programs, digital display, and friction conveyor among others depending on your personal needs.