Tuesday 11 August 2020
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Knowing your blender the best

Utilities of a blender

Never limit your knowledge instead widen it. A blender has the ability to do multi tasks. People handling blenders should be aware of this fact. They are investing a sum of money in buying this appliance. To be true they must take full advantage of the cash that they are paying whatever amount it is. Firstly you should keep in mind that a blender is not only used for a single task like blending of raw ingredients. You should look at the other parts that are provided along with the blender. Invest some time in going through the manual book as it is really helpful to know your appliance in the best away. Blender saves time to a large degree in comparison to hand blending. The appliance is versatile in nature so better explore it as fast as possible.

Model features, design, shape, accompanied accessories must be noted well. You can possibly check the powerful blender reviews over internet that can be a help. The feature of crushing ices is present in maximum blender models as they form the basic function. Prices can hike up if the features are advanced. Few models have the accessories for chopping veggies and fresh fruits.

Tips to keep in mind while using blenders

You must never over utilize or over use any kind of appliance. Not all appliances have the facility of overload protection. Extended operation should be avoided to increase the permanency of the machine. Even if they are machines, they also need rest so don’t run your blenders longer than needed. The jar or pitch must be placed properly before turning on the switches for operation. The lid on the jar or pitcher is well placed but just as a suggestion for safety measures hold the lid while the blades are operating on your food. Kitchen accidents are common so try to avoid as many as you can. Make sure that you don’t have to clean the messy situation after the spill. But the lid should always be used no matter what kind of food you are preparing. Never fill the pitcher to the full and spare some space for expansion at least one third capacity. Cut the fruits and vegetable slices as small as you can thus ensuring it to blend perfectly. The small bits have the advantage to circulate properly around the blades. Allow the blender to come to a full resting position before changing any settings.  Give extra attention while you are dealing with hot liquids though not all models have the feature of operating with steamy substances. After completing the operation with hot substances, open the lid of the jar or pitcher to make sure that the steam gets out thus freeing more space for expansion. Better use a hot pad for holding the lid. The blender operates with the help of electricity so place this appliance away from tap or basin. Don’t even casually keep water jugs or bottles near this appliance. While trying to clean the blender never dip the main unit of blender in full water. Instead drop warm water and liquid soap inside the jar to clean between blending patches and rinse thoroughly. Wipe the outer part of the machine with soft cloth to remove any stains due to any spills. Unplug the appliance and switch it off before cleaning.   

Blades can be really injurious

The blades inside the jar enable to mix the ingredients due to the release of kinetic energy from the motor. Use the blades tactfully to avoid unnecessary cutting and bleeding. Once again you can use warm water and liquid soap to clean the blades but be too cautious. Even another trick follows you can turn on the pulse mode first before starting to clean manually. This mode will help in removing most of the remaining edible items that were deposited after preparing the last food recipe .Once you turn on the mode you will find that the minute food particles are removed. Now it will be much more feasible to clean or wash the appliance. In your free time you can take a duster to remove the dusts on the body of the appliance. Regular exposure to dust particles can lead to change in the original color making it dull.

How to wash particularly the jar of the blender

One must be clean and tidy while dealing with the household pantry because you do not want that your family members to fall ill. So maintain your appliances. Remove any remaining of food craps or debris from the jar. Use soapy water to wash the jar. Use a soft sponge or scrub pad to wash it thoroughly. The tight nooks and crannies present at the bottom must not be ignored. After that use a soft duster to wipe the jar and let it dry.