Saturday 30 May 2020
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Is Tor illegal?

how safe is tor

As a new tor user, you might have this question in your head that is tor illegal?

Well having this question in your head is pretty normal. As there are quite a lot of people, who consider tor browser or accessing the deep web illegally.

If you happen to have these doubts in your head. Then we are here to help you out. As you read further in this article, we will be answering your question which says:

is tor illegal?


is accessing deep web illegal?

So let’s just jump into the topic:

is tor illegal?

Tor is a perfect solution to hide our identity on the internet and use the internet in an anonymous way. Even because of this anonymous feature, there are quite a lot of people around the globe who use tor network to do illegal stuff.

For example, in the dark web, there are some deep websites that sell drugs, child porn, weapons and so many other things. Hence people believe that the tor is illegal.

However, if you want an answer weather tor is illegal or not. Well, the answer would be No it is not illegal. In fact, you are free to use tor browser. However there are certain limitations, or you can safely factors that you should keep in mind before using illegally.

First of all make sure you are not searching anything using keywords like Drugs, weapons, child porn and so on. If you do this, then there are quite a lot of surveillance programs who are keeping an eye on your browsing activities.

If the programs end up detecting one of the suspicious activities. Then you should get ready to see cops in the next few days.

However, according to the law, it is okay if we do not want our privacy to get compromised. Hence the tor browser is legal in every region. However, if you plan to get access to people’s private information using tor browser. Then you will get busted as well.

However, if your main concern is to protect your online activities. Then using a Virtual Private Network or VPN would be a great idea. As VPN will protect your online activities as well as it will help you to get access to the blocked websites. To choose best VPN services, you can check best VPN services comparison by

Even there are users who use tor browser to access blocked websites. Well, this is a good idea as well, but tor network slows down your internet speed. As it makes your IP address travel through different browsers.

Anyway coming to the is tor illegal question. Well, we would say that you can use tor browser freely. However, make sure you are not doing any suspicious activities while being on the tor network.

In the end, it completely depends on you, like why you want to use tor browser?

Like if it because of privacy, then VPN would be the safer side. However, if you just want to use tor browser to access dark web. Then you can visit the website. Over here you will find some websites links which are completely safe to visit.