Tuesday 29 September 2020
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Is Theoretical Framework the main part of the paper?

Any written work of students is based on the theoretical part. Examiners observe their students’ level of theoretical understanding in this way: by assessing the quality of the written research. A theoretical background is an important piece that shows how thoughtful a student is if it comes to various areas of study.

By providing the basis for the ideas to which the work belongs, the theoretical framework helps the researcher not to deviate from the relevant concepts. Besides, the theoretical part reflects the research already carried out on this topic and the author’s hypotheses.

The research described in the theoretical part, as a rule, forms the basis of the work and defines the problem, literature review, research method, presentation of ideas, and discussion of results in it. This is how it is ensured that the writing standards of such a work are adhered to and that research and proven validated theories are correlated.

Each investigated problem implies the processing of many concepts that have a thematic connection with it. For example, the anthropology studying student has to explore theories in human-environment relations, cultural and historical ecology, and environmental determinism. Hence, these theories agree with the problem under investigation. Besides, these theories explain how people and their cultures relate to the environment.


The theoretical framework performs several functions at once. First, it provides a clear structure for research work. Secondly, it defines the concepts, that is, the area of ​​research related to the work. Thus, excluding the possibility of research being vague, using only theories that resonate with the topic. They also decide on its scope.

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