Wednesday 30 September 2020
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How to Store Electrical Devices in Your Self-Storage Unit

In the 21st century, it’s safe to say that we have a great relationship with our electronic devices. They keep us warm and dry. They illuminate our homes and keep us entertained. They allow us to work and learn no matter where they are. And even when a newer, flashier version of the same comes along, we grow so attached to them that we can’t always bear to part with them. As such, a storage unit can be a great option for keeping electrical devices from TVs and computers to microwaves and fridge freezers. But as robust and reliable as these items are, it’s vital to remember that their internal workings can be delicate.

If you’re going to be storing your electrical devices in storage units in the UK, it’s important to take proper precautions if you want them to remain in good working order when you retrieve them. While we ensure that our storage units are safe secure and dry, we also recommend that when storing your electrical goods with us you make sure to…

Clean all devices before storing

It’s always a good idea to give all devices and appliances a good once over before putting them in storage. Especially items like refrigerators and freezers. The last thing you want is for moulds, fungi and bacteria to breed in your storage unit in your absence. If you’re storing a washing machine or dryer, you should also clean out air intake areas like filters, pipes, tubes and grids.

Check the temperature

Extremes of temperature can create issues for electrical devices. Make sure your storage unit has a temperature somewhere between 12 and 25 degrees celsius all year round. Moreover, if your storage unit provider cannot give you guarantees that they can keep your belongings safe and dry, it might be worth investing in a different storage provider. Ideally one that can provide you with a climate controlled unit.

You may also want to cover appliances with a tarpaulin just to be on the safe side.

Pack electrical devices carefully

Dropping many electrical devices can result in catastrophic damage to their delicate internal workings. As careful as you will try to be when transporting these items it’s nonetheless always a good idea to pack them in a box with stuffing like foam pellets or scrunched up newspaper to prevent them from moving around in transit. At the very least you should consider wrapping electrical items in an old blanket or duvet.

Place and store electrical items appropriately

Its always advisable to keep electrical items stored above ground level towards the rear or the side of the unit to reduce their risk of being accidentally stepped on or tripped over. If you’re likely to be stacking electrical devices, keep heavier items stored on the bottom with lighter devices at the top.

At Henfield Storage we work tirelessly to assure our customers of high quality, dry and secure storage that’s fit for purpose no matter what you’re storing. If you’re looking for a higher standard of self storage in Southwark, Chiswick, Staples Corner, Wimbledon or Horsham click here to get to know our self storage options a little better!