Monday 21 September 2020
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How To Prepare a Garden for Winter?

Winter is coming, making it a good time to carry out preparations for the autumn season. By following these top tips on garden preparation included in the article below, your garden will soon be all set for the winter season. Then come spring you can jump right into gardening again!

1.     Tidy up Decaying and Rotting Plants

Other than looking chaotic, old plants can harbour ailments, issues, and tiny insects. The first thing a gardener needs to do is tidy up and then compost these decaying and rotting plants. This way, the garden will be completely clean over winter and ready for next year’s spring planting season.

2.     Clear Obtrusive Weeds

This is the ideal opportunity to manage the weed growth in your garden. A gardener can expertly identify and then remove these weeds from your garden. Clearing up intrusive plants or weeds is the best way to keep them from growing next spring. After this, it’s also a good idea to cut the grass one last time so that it can grow in thicker in the next year.

3.     Set up Your Soil for Spring

Even though most gardening enthusiasts put off this task until the spring, fall is an extraordinary time to mix in soil alterations like fertilizer, compost, kelp, and shake phosphate. Including these soil supplements during this season will allow your garden’s soil to naturally and completely absorb the nutrients so it’s ready for next year’s planting season. It will also make planting seeds much easier next spring.

4.     Regenerate Your Compost

Since the warmth of summer is finished and nature’s microorganisms are settling in for their winter’s snooze, you might be enticed to disregard your fertilizer stack. This would be a lost chance in two different ways. First, you should use this rich material to top up garden beds, replenish soils, or treat yards to spur their growth come spring. Then you should keep a base layer in your compost which can stay dormant over winter, but come spring you can continue to add to, for a continuous supply of fertiliser all year round.

5.     Renew Mulch

Mulching in winter has many advantages. Refreshing your mulch before winter decreases water loss, shields the dirt from disintegration in harsh weather and manages weeds. With the help of local gardeners who can expertly refresh your garden’s mulch, you’ll be all set for the next growing season.