Monday 19 October 2020
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How to Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring in Phoenix

Hardwood flooring adds a beautiful touch to any home but choosing the right type can be a challenge. When searching for the right hardwood flooring Phoenix, homeowners need to know that not all hardwood is created equal and it’s not just a matter of selecting the right color.

Solid or Engineered Flooring: Solid hardwood that is more traditional is still available, but some companies are also offering engineered flooring. This type of flooring involves planks made with a thin top layer of hardwood and then added to other layers to prevent the floor from expanding and contracting. For certain rooms, engineered flooring is better to install, since solid wood would have to be installed over one or two layers of plywood. This can cause the height of the floor to rise and interfere with any existing doors. Some engineered floors have a thinner top layer so that you can sand it or refinish it in the future.

Site Finish or Prefinished: You can choose to get raw face planks that can be finished after installation or ones that are prefinished and have the stain already on them. With prefinished floors, you know what you are getting and have a sample to use when coordinating with other décor ideas in your home. On-site finishing adds some customization that will appeal to many designers and homeowners. On-site finishing allows homeowners to have more control over the stain and the final product will be smoother.

Type of Finish: There are a number of different finishing products that can range from oil to polyurethanes. Oil will penetrate the wood and create a more natural look. However, an oil-based finish is more prone to stains and damage. A polyurethane finish will create a topcoat on the surface that is better designed for those with pets or children. Oil finishes will scratch easier, but the scratches will be less noticeable. If there are scratches on polyurethane, you may need to replace the board or recoat the section of the floor.

Wood Types: Oak is often the most popular choice because it takes stain well and is durable. It also has an attractive natural grain and is more available. Walnut is also a popular choice because it is softer than oak and has a deeper color. The choice will come down to a personal preference on the grain and color.

Grain Pattern: There are different grains available and there isn’t a bad or good choice. It will depend on the application and what you desire.

Plank Width: Many people choose wider planks because it’s associated with luxury. With wider planks there are less seams, but it’s important to note the seams may become more prominent as the wood contracts and expands.

No matter what hardwood flooring Phoenix homeowners choose, switching to this type of flooring will look great in any home.