Monday 19 October 2020
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How to choose the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom?

Wardrobe is one of the key elements of the house and should be given same priority as bed or sofa. You can’t go wrong with it, as it can give plenty of storage options.

Living without basic furnishing essentials is alarming; even though you’re giving the house for rent, consider having at least one wardrobe out of two rooms or more, as nobody wants to hang their clothes on the temporary railings. People want to safeguard their belongings in an arranged manner and give them a reason to live comfortably with the right wardrobe design.

Though it takes time to fully furnish the home, you should consider having wardrobe when planning your house interior expenditure.  Wardrobes are considered to be as a sizeable investment and selecting the right one is very essential, as you can’t discard them as sofa sets or dining table after few years of usage.


Know how much space available in your room to determine what type of wardrobes you can fit in your bedroom. Sit in your room to measure the space; also measure wall to wall, floor to ceiling and what other furniture you need in bedroom (such as study table or bed with or without bed lamp) to figure out which side of wall you want to have wardrobes. Once you have noted these details, you can think of the layout of the wardrobes.


Wardrobe can be of either Modular or carpenter-made, which come in standard sizes. The modular ones are factory-made designs, while the latter can be designed as per your style and requirements. You can get both in various outer finishes, styles, and colour options. But do note that modular wardrobe designs are unmatched with any other types, as the surfaces are attached using machines that whole structure looks as one material.


Once you’ve determined the style and size of the wardrobe, it is time to decide on the type of the wardrobe that suits your bedroom. The wardrobes usually come in three types: two door, three door, and sliding door designs.

Two door wardrobes have a basic design, comprising of shelves, hanging rail, and drawers to keep small items, such as accessories, wallets, and cosmetics, etc.  The 3-door wardrobes have same feature as 2-door, with added space for shelves, hanging rails. Most people opt for 3-door, as it can store large amount of belongings.  The sliding doors are the latest and modern designed wardrobes; the interior of the wardrobe relies on design and size, but usually it gets spacious hanging rail and more than one drawers and shelf space.


It is suggested not to comprise on the quality when you’re choosing stylish wardrobes design. Look for the wardrobe design that’s stylish, durable, and has plenty of storage space that suits your needs, while staying in the budget.

With all these factors in mind, it is time for you to pick the best and contemporary looking wardrobes for your room. Happy decorating!!!