Friday 23 October 2020
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How Sanitizer Is The Most Effective Way To Kill Germs?

Why You Shouldn't Mix Your Own Hand Sanitizer - The New York Times

These are the circumstances when you need to take special care of disinfection to keep yourself safe from the coronavirus. That is why doctors recommend cleaning your hands regularly. Otherwise, you may get infected from the virus. But there is another thing that you need to consider along with the frequency of hand wash, i.e., how to clean them. We have brought here four factors that make sanitizer the best way to kill germs. Once you get to know how beneficial it is, you can get online hand sanitizers. So you won’t have to go out to buy it. 


The first point that makes sanitizers the most effective way to kill germs is its convenience. Usually, it comes in a small bottle that can be carried anywhere and squeezed for use. This makes it convenient for you to put it in your pocket or bag. So even if there is no water near you, you can get your hands clean. It reduces the chances of catching bacteria to a significant extent. Plus, you can share it with anyone without the exchange of germs. These benefits aren’t present with soap and water methods. 

Can Be Used Frequently

As mentioned above, you can carry a small bottle of sanitizer anywhere with you. Thus, you can also use it as frequently as you want. This will help you avoid the virus to a significant level, as you will keep your hands disinfected. Moreover, a small amount of the product goes a long way because you need to use a tiny amount at once. Therefore, you need not worry about buying it again and again. You can use the same bottle for an extended time. You can also check why frequent hand disinfection is crucial.

Kills Almost All Viruses

In the previous few years, soaps have been focused on their presentation more than their function. So you don’t know whether your regular soap would work against the viruses or not. However, that isn’t the case with sanitizer. It has proven beneficial against most of the viruses. You just need to remember that you opt for a variant with an appropriate percentage of alcohol in it. Once you keep that into consideration, you can remain safe without any worries. 

Not Harsh 

Frequent disinfection of your hands isn’t a choice, but a necessity. If you want to keep yourself safe, keep your hands clean. However, this repeated use of soap and water on your hands can make them dry. You can also check this report on the harsh effects of excessive handwash. But you won’t face any such trouble with hand sanitizers. They don’t make your hands dry and doesn’t cause any severe skin irritations. Thus, they can be used frequently without any worries about skin problems. 


These are the four reasons that make sanitizers the most reliable way of killing germs. But along with this, you should also remember to follow various other instructions provided by the doctors. For example, you must keep your hands away from your face even if they are sanitized. If you keep your hands clean and follow these precautions, you will remain safe from the virus.