Monday 19 October 2020
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How Brands Can Capitalise on Social Media Platforms to Sell Sexy Lingerie

The latest social web statistics show that 40% of the world’s population is active on social media platforms. Most of them comprise mobile users hence, the increasing trend by brands to use these platforms for advertising. Facebook has mainly remained the dominant platform, with up to 2.047 billion active users. YouTube ranks second, WhatsApp and Messenger rank third and fourth while Instagram ranks fifth with a little over 700 million monthly active users. The social media platforms have morphed from avenues where sellers advertise their products and services into tools that help advertisers to send target ads to specific groups of users who have displayed interest in their products.

While Instagram has a relatively smaller following than Facebook, many new independent lingerie brands are taking to this platform to showcase their products. The brands find Instagram to be an excellent tool for developing an authentic connection with their target audience. Today, seductive pictures of women wearing sexy outfits are not the only features that draw followers; they crave and engage more with an honest portrayal of a brand. So, how do brands selling sexy lingerie achieve this without being overbearing? Find out next.

Create Relatable Ads

Women are the targeted audience for brands selling lingerie, so it is essential for them to relate to your product and marketing method. Companies are often tempted to use underlying images of sex to capture the user’s attention. This method works, but the overuse of sexual imagery and terms may come off offensive. Instead, the brands should use relatable ads, e.g., posting a picture of women clothed in luxurious, yet simple lingerie in the comfort of her home without creating a sexual illusion. Using such a setting makes the ad relatable as many women consider their living spaces tranquil and relaxing.

Be Consistent

Brands should be ready to create ads that go beyond the bedroom setting to make their products attractive. As such, outdoor photography brings a little contrast to the obvious bedroom photos to connect the customer with nature and freedom. The models should appear relaxed and comfortable in the lingerie and the surrounding settings. The hair and makeup should be kept to a minimum to help the customers relate to the experience. The idea is to make the look appear attainable.

Be Practical

Some lingerie brands make products that feel uncomfortable when worn regardless of attractive images used to advertise them on social media platforms. While women want to feel beautiful in sexy lingerie, they also want to purchase products they can wear for a long time. Consequently, the product should feel comfortable and stylish to inspire a woman’s inner confidence. When a woman feels comfortable in her sleepwear, she can exude sassiness that can’t be replicated in any other place.