Friday 23 October 2020
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Fruit picking, pruning and tree trimming with robotic arms

Pruning, fruit picking and trimming tree branches involves a lot of work. You need tools that will include a chainsaw, and maybe a rope among other tools. In most instances, you will also need to climb up the tree to carry out the pruning and trimming. This is a task fraught with risks because some of the tree branches may be too weak and could give way while you are perched up there.

With the advance of technology, it is now possible to trim your trees without the need to climb up there and perch yourself precariously to cut off the unwanted branches. The solution, all thanks to robot manufacturing companies is by using a UR5 robotic arm fitted with sensors and remote control settings.

Benefits of using the UR5 robotic arm

·        No more labor shortages

Getting seasonal workers in many commercial fruit farms is always a problem. This is so especially during the seasons when they are needed the most. To combat these shortages, some farmers are opting to make use of robotic arms to do the work during the peak seasons. The robotic arms can do everything from picking the fruits, pruning and trimming the tree branches just like the humans.

·        Cuts down on costs

Farmers invest a lot of money in hiring labor for fruit picking, pruning and trimming trees. This is so especially for commercial fruit farmers. During the peak seasons, labor costs go extremely high due to lack of enough people to take on the tasks. The few available workers ready to work, charge higher rates. By using robotic arms to take over the tasks, farmers cut down on lab out costs immensely. One robotic arm can carry out tasks carried out by several workers.

·        Faster

Using the robotic arms gets the work done faster than using human labor. The robots can work continuously for 24 hours without taking a rest and the work they do more in a day than 10 workers would do.

·        More productivity

When there is a labor shortage, production goes down. By using robotic arms, production goes up because there will not be any breaks either due to staff sickness or labor shortages. Robotic arms can also work round the clock throughout the year with minimum waste thus increasing the yields.

·        Risk free

Robotic arms are machines and sharp objects will not harm them. They can climb up any tree no matter how high or bushy it is. Humans on the other hand are prone to accidents and have to be very careful when trimming the branches or pruning.

Why the UR5?

The UR5 robotic arm is one of the newest creations in the market. It is a versatile device that can perform some of the most dangerous and repetitive tasks in every industry. It can take up payloads of up to 5kgs and reach a radius of about 850 mm. If you have a pruner, pair it up with an UR5 robotic arm, and watch as the branches come off easily without the need for you to climb the tree.

The UR5 robotic arm is fast and safe to use around humans. Universal Robots, one of the leading manufacturers of UR5 robotic arms, makes collaborative robots that can alongside humans with ease. It is also light and does not occupy too much space. The robotic arm is easily portable to the farm or to any place where the trees need trimming and pruning. It is easy to use as it comes with its own sensors and all you need is monitor it from the ground.

Wrapping it up

A few years ago, it was unbelievable that a machine could pick fruits and trim a tree. With the advance in technology today, robotic arms can do almost everything. Every industry is benefitting from the invention of the robotic arm. To read more about the UR5 and other collaborative robots, and what they are doing to change different ways of doing things, visit