Monday 19 October 2020
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Find out the cost of Bathroom Renovation

If you are having a desire to spruce up your house or want to increase its value for selling it out, then, think regarding bathroom renovation.

Before going ahead you should have an idea about the renovation that may cost you on an average. Remember that, with the help of in floor heating systems and finished tiles, you get superior quality bathrooms. So, let us find out some basic costs involved and how best you can minimize it.

  1. Bathroom Style and Fittings:

The style of bathroom and the fittings is the one that affects the cost of renovation. For example, if you are opting for budget tiles it will cost you $30 – $55 per square meter whereas premium tiles can cost $165 square meter. You may find the bathtub in which you may have to pay an additional cost of installation. Apart from that, a basic toilet may cost you somewhere around $120 to $400. The cost of the premium toilet is around $1200.

Also, the cost may vary depending upon what kinds of fittings you choose like shower screens, taps, basins, bathroom lighting and many more. Therefore, do complete research before going ahead with an appropriate deal. This is because many items may overshoot and may not fall under your budget.

  1. Heating Installation for bathroom floor

People nowadays look for bathrooms which have all kinds of luxury and comfort. One such desire is to have heated floors. Thus, with in-floor heating systems you can easily heat different sections of your bathroom. You may have to spend $4 – $10 per square foot to have heated floors. This completely depends upon a variety of systems.

  1.  The Cost of tradespeople

Before arriving at the cost, you need to know that there is a variety of tradespeople you may need for bathroom renovation like plumber, carpenter, electrician and more. According to the area of the bathroom and location, the cost of tradespeople varies. For instance, metropolitan places may cost more in comparison to regional places. They charge per hour basis or per project basis. Below are the rates hourly wise:

  •    Building and renovations: $62.80 per hour
  •    Carpentry: $56.45 per hour
  •    Electrical: $75.56 per hour
  •    Plumbing: $80.92 per hour
  •    Tiling: $44.93 per hour
  1.  Demolition cost

Since it is not possible at a low rate, therefore you should consult a professional for bathroom demolition. You may end up spending somewhere around $1000 to $1500 for the whole process including the disposal of garbage. It may even reach $5000 in case you are planning to sell your home.

  1. Finishing look

To give a finished look to the bathroom, painting is a must. This may cost you up around $1500.