Sunday 7 June 2020
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Exploring Some Great Islands of Thousand Islands Jakarta

If you think Jakarta does not have great tourism spots with natural attraction, you are in wrong expectation. Thousand Islands which become the part of Jakarta are rich of natural attraction with series of islands to visit. The islands are also perfect to choose as the last place to spend your vacation with your beloved ones such as family and friends. The view in the middle of sea is also great. Therefore, many visitors are coming to these islands in every vacation they take.

For more information about the islands, here is the list of islands which are recommended to visit. you can decide where you will go to enjoy the vacation.

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  1. Ayer Island. This island is full of ethnical stuff. There are many Papuan style cottages which are built on the top of the sea. This place might one of good recommendation especially you can enjoy some culinary activities with delicious taste. You will also find some big lizard around the islands since they are living there.
  2. Putri Island. It is the best place for you to get the sunset view. Many visitors love to visit the island and stay in the home stay near the islands. Mostly, they are like the cottage as in the Ayer Island. Every evening many people watch the sun sets with beautiful blue water surrounding the island. They may call it as ‘Sunset Cruise’.
  3. The more serene and relaxing view can be found in Harapan Island. In this island, it seems like you have found the island that you dream of. The clear blue water with nice bridge will be the right place to visit especially near the evening. You can feel relaxed especially if you stay in one of the Thousand Islands tourism hotels. Therefore, many visitors like to book their hotels near this Harapan Island for the best experience in relaxing vacation. If you like to do snorkeling, this island also has nice corals in the sea. The coral life is very much rich so that you can find the beauty of underwater world.
  4. Another island that serves you the best view with white sand beach is SemakDaun Island. If you really want to get here, remember that there is no home stay or inn in this island. If you want to stay, please bring your own tent and prepare everything. This place is also good to do diving and snorkeling because the view underwater is precious to see. This island has many visitors. Therefore, you have to really know what to do for the challenging experience in great vacation.

So, if you really want to enjoy your vacation in Indonesia, you can visit Jakarta and find the great Thousand Islands tourism Indonesia. You can have the better experience in all islands, especially if you spend in the right island which is SemakDaun. You can even make your own place to stay near the beach. Therefore, prepare all stuff you need and plan your vacation in these fantastic islands above.