Sunday 27 September 2020
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Expectations as an intern

Normally as an intern, you will not have a lot of choices like the permanent employees to enjoy within an organization. However, as an intern, you would also have certain expectations from the organization hence it is not a bad idea to express these things during the selection process of the information technology internships.

When you get information technology internships from Premium Graduate Placements, your first criteria should be to focus on the nature of work and also the amount of work that you are being assigned with.

During the interview process or the selection process there would be a question on these lines and as an intern, in any of the information technology internships program, you must definitely tell them that your expectations are just related to the work because you are a novice and are seeking ample opportunities to explore various opportunities in their esteemed organization through the information technology internships. With this attitude the selection process would become simple and also this should be one of your expectations from the organizations when you are going as an intern.

Another expectation that an intern should have is the kind of work environment which they would be part of. When you are assigned to a particular team, you would completely be lost because this is the first time you will be getting yourself exposed to a very different culture. Hence, it is important to understand the work culture and also the kind of people who you would be working with.

Last but not the least you also can ask them if you would be absorbed as a permanent employee if your performance is good throughout the information technology internships. This would give a clue to the selection committee that you are totally interested in working with their organization.