Monday 19 October 2020
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Discover Different Traditional and Authentic Australian Cuisines while Travelling to Australia

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If you are in Australia for a vacation, then you might want to try out some Australian specialties.

Indulge in Some Tasty, Juicy Meaty Cuisines

Nothing beats the taste of a juicy burger. Burgers are a common specialty of Australia. You might come across some really great burger joints that serve a wide variety of burgers to satisfy your burger cravings.

If you are a pie lover then you will be pleased to know that Australians love their pies. You might come across many corner shops and supermarkets showcasing different varieties of meat pies on their display cases.

Sip on a glass of beer while ordering for chicken parmigiana. This dish basically consists of fried chicken covered in breadcrumbs, topped with thick tomato sauce and garnished with melted cheese.

If you are looking for some light snacks, then you can order a plate of fish and chips, grilled sausages or Barramundi. This is a sea bass and can be either eaten grilled, in gravy or fried.

Options of Vegetarians

There are lots of Food Tours Sydney companies that take tourists to some well-known restaurants and supermarkets to try out traditional Australian food. If you are a vegetarian, you can try out Vegemite. These are made from mixing different spices, vegetables and yeast extract to form a thick paste. This is commonly used as a spread for toasts.

If you are travelling to Australia during winters, then you can also warm yourself up with some tasty pumpkin soup.

Australians love their sweets. If you are looking for some authentic pastries or desserts then you can opt for:

  • Pavlova – This is a cake made from meringue topped with fruits and whipped cream
  • Lamingtons – These are sponge cakes coated in raspberry or chocolate sauce and over coated with coconut


Australian love their food and you will not be disappointed with the wide variety of cuisines, this country has to offer to its tourists.