Thursday 6 August 2020
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Check Your Cars Hoses

If you haven’t checked your cars hoses and valves in some time, or have perhaps never checked them before at all, it is important that you do so! Don’t worry if you don’t know how, today we are here to explain to you how to check your cars air hoses and valves for damage, explaining the importance of ensuring that these small parts are in immaculate working order at all times.

Why It Is Important

When hoses and valves are not in perfect working order, serious issues can occur. Overtime hoses can become brittle and this can cause them to crack and leak air, making other car components left having to work harder, and facing the chance of breaking more expensive parts. The same goes for valves. The good thing is that hoses and valves for cars are typically incredibly affordable and definitely worth paying for to reduce the chance of other much costlier parts.

How to Check

It is actually really easy to check a cars hose too. First off all you need to look in your cars manual so that you can easily locate them. Here’s how:

  • Wait for your engine to fully cool down and then squeeze each individual hose with your thumb and forefinger near to the clamp – You need to check for any soft or mushy spots as this is a sign of weakness. Good hose boasts a firm yet pliant feel
  • Inspect each hose for cracks, nicks, bulges and fraying – You can’t keep hoses in your car once they are visually damaged

It really is that easy! However, it is understandable that for a whole range of reasons some people may not feel comfortable inspecting their own hose, and for these people – We recommend that they pop down to their local mechanic who should be willing to affordably inspect their hose and point out any signs of damage.

Ordering New Hoses and Valves

After inspecting your hose, if you have noticed that any need replacing, don’t worry, that is easy too! Luckily for all car hose can now be ordered easily on the internet from companies such as The Hosemaster, who offer the cheapest and highest quality car hoses, with hoses suitable for all vehicle makes and models. You can order hose from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered straight to your door the very next day.