Monday 19 October 2020
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Big Changes Coming to Mobile

Holiday season in the tech world is always very exciting – we get to see the big potential changes coming to our commonly used devices and this year has been no exception. Ending the run of the previous generation of consoles that has lasted for seven years, this holiday season will mark the new entry from both Sony and Microsoft for the next generation of consoles – PC gamers have received plenty of good news too as the next step in graphics cards and processors from both Nvidia and AMD were also recently announced that can push our gaming rigs to the next level. The market that seemingly been missing however is within mobile devices, but the stall in information could be a good thing.

Pushing tech in other sectors mean a lot of the changes will eventually trickle down to our favourite handheld devices, and with Apple yet to announce what we can expect to see in their next flagship there could still be some new tech coming there rumoured for October 13th many fans are hoping to see some big changes and with further rumours around the removal of a charging port, it could be something big. If we start to see more processing power crammed in or bigger battery life over the next few iterations of device releases, we will know we are on the right track.

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There are some changes that are already widely anticipated on the way that may have a particular impact on the growing mobile gaming market – the next stage of networking in 5G is getting closer with speeds up to ten times faster and increasing capacity could change the gaming landscape in many ways as it opens the door for more online gaming. Popularity has also been increasing for consumer demand in the next step of gaming for platforms such as Virtual Reality which could deliver a completely new experience to those looking for it, and mobile could be a favourite if prices come down and the hardware can be scaled down properly. With mobile gaming performing so well even during the pandemic thanks to new platform launches as the crazy star casino review shows, and how operators have been finding surges of new players too, we may see more focus here for the newest devices.

With a future firmly planted in mobile, it’s no surprise that the coming years with have an increasing focus on anything that can push the platform further – with networking and future tech mentioned, many users will be hoping battery life and more speed will be the next things addressed. If rumours are correct and a charging port could be the next thing to be removed, and with smaller PCB’s being developed, it could free up a lot of space for delivering things like this to the user, or perhaps the opposite will be true with the extra space being used to beef up what the devices can do at the sacrifice of some battery life – but time will tell as we wait for the next big mobile announcement.