Tuesday 2 June 2020
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Benefits of Indoor Tanning beds

The industry in a nutshell

Since its original use as a medical device to cure skin problems, the Indoor Tanning Beds industry has seen a boom. It quickly became a popular way to get an artificial tan and suddenly there were thousands of tanning salons that started popping up all over the world.

The entire industry has seen revenue of over $2 billion so it’s clear that there is money to be made.

Indoor Tanning’s Effect on The Body

Indoor tanning beds use Ultra Violet, or UV, lights to produce UV radiation. This is like the UV radiation of the sun.

UV radiation is made up of UVA and UVB. These will penetrate the skin and react with a chemical called melanin. Melanin is a pigment in our skin which causes darkening of the skin and protects us from further sun damage. This is the reason you see a bronzing of the skin when you stand in the sun for a while (or redness if you’re not careful).

Different skin types react differently to the sun. This means that while a suntan may protect you due to the melanin, you could still get seriously burnt if you’re in the sun too long.

Benefits of Indoor Tanning beds

  • Updated Safety Features

Modern and Best Sunbeds UK  have made a lot of ground in terms of their safety. New research in UV lamp technology has made them less harsh on the skin while leaving you with the same quality tan.

  • Accessible

There are many tanning salons worldwide that have indoor tanning beds. It is as easy as making a phone call to book a session with a sunbed.

  • Not Time-Consuming

The average time per session is about 10-20 minutes. This makes it a very fast way to catch a natural-looking tan.

  • Simple As Sleeping

All that is asked of you is to lie down on the sunbed – that’s it. Bring some earphones if you feel like listening to music while you tan.

  • The Perfect Tan

The results you get from indoor tanning beds can’t be compared to artificial tanning products like lotions or spray tans because they’re in a different league. Indoor tans leave you with a natural look whereas other alternatives often leave you broke.


As mentioned earlier, indoor tanning beds release UV radiation. This radiation has the potential to cause harm. As you may know, standing in the sun for too long will leave you with a nasty sunburn. The same can be said for tanning beds.

There are many different types of UV lamps with different intensities. That is why it is best to do some research on which tanning bulbs a certain salon may use. If the bulbs are very intense it is best to go for shorter sessions and vice versa.

Over-Exposure to UV radiation can lead to it affecting the cells in your skin. Basically, it can cause cancer, skin cancer or melanoma to be precise, so be conservative with the time of your sessions.