Saturday 6 June 2020
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Bedroom Decor for the Nature Lover

Does your family love spending time fishing, hiking, camping, or hunting? Bring your love the outdoors inside with nature-inspired decorations for your bedroom.

Walls and Floors

  • Use wallpaper to frame your neutral-colored walls. Pick an outdoor-themed print that complements your chosen style.
  • Get creative with wall art. Place wilderness comforters in homemade wooden frames for an unexpectedly warm touch. If your walls are lightly colored, use a dark varnish to make them stand out.
  • Use your artistic skills to paint a background mural. Draw a pretty stream or recreate your favorite wooded clearing.
  • Green plastic vines and leaves across door and window frames bring the fun of outdoor flora inside without any of the mess or maintenance.
  • Use rugs in dark colors and simple patterns. A thick green rug can simulate plush grass. A brown shag carpet might remind you of the compacted dirt on your favorite hiking trail.


  • If you can’t paint your walls, paint your furniture. Decorate dressers, tables, and headboards with visual representations of your favorite outdoor settings.
  • The bed is a natural focal point. A variety of wilderness comforters let you change the look of your room with no fuss.
  • Choose furniture based on your desired theme. Heavy, dark wood furniture will help you feel like you’re in a forest. Lighter-colored woods or colored metals can help simulate cool streams or rustic farm life.
  • Keep extra wilderness comforters and decorative pillows handy. Turn off all the lights and use them to simulate sleeping bags during family movie nights.
  • Seal hand-painted pieces with varnish to keep them looking good for years.

Other Decorative Ideas

  • Use printed wilderness comforters for a no-effort decorating touch. Drape them across chairs, cover dressers, or use them as curtains.
  • String a length of twine across the wall. Print out colored pictures of your family enjoying the outdoors or other photos of your favorite settings and secure them with paper clips or clothespins.
  • Use incense or an oil lamp to bring the smells of the outdoors into your bedroom. Oils allow you to customize your mixes for the perfect personal accent.
  • The bed is a natural focal point. Make it attract even more attention with complementary throw pillows. Mix plain, solid colored pieces with more wildly patterned ones to create a pleasing look.
  • Use colors to create your environment. Blue flooring accents can represent flowing streams or ocean waves. Green curtains and trims might remind you of growing trees and undergrowth. Yellow and orange picture frames simulate bright sun rays.

Spending time in natural surroundings decreases the effects of daily stress and helps you sleep better. Add some wild fun to your bedroom to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors every night.