Thursday 6 August 2020
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Are Checkpoints Just for Drunk Drivers? What you need to know?

A lot of people believe that checkpoints are created to weed out the drunk drivers who are trying to go from one place to another. If you also have this belief, you should know this now: checkpoints are not just to catch drunk drivers. Checkpoints are meant to protect not just drivers but people in general.

What are Checkpoints?

Checkpoints are normally located in different parts of a state. A major roadway where a lot of people pass through is blocked. This can slow down traffic a bit and allow the cars to pass one car at a time. This will allow the police to check if there are some drivers who are driving under the influence. In order to assess the current sobriety of the driver, some questions will be asked. If it is evident that the person answers in such a way that he/she is unfit to drive, there will be tests that the driver has to take.

The main purpose of the checkpoint is to check a lot of drivers in a short amount of time without causing too much traffic. Those who are caught driving under the influence may need to hire a traffic lawyer to help them out.

Are Checkpoints Effective?

There are a lot of people who get caught in checkpoints but this is not the most effective in catching drunk drivers. A lot of drivers who may have a lot to drink may still be aware of what’s happening around them. When they see a checkpoint, they simply have to avoid it and pass somewhere else. Only those who are not in their right minds anymore would still continue even if they are drunk. There is a need to contact dui lawyer van nuys immediately if you get caught drunk driving.

Some say that people can avoid the checkpoint because their friends may text them about it. For example, a person who has not left the bar yet or a party may be informed of a certain checkpoint, he may try to look for an alternative route wherein he will not be discovered by the police. Even if this is not too effective in catching drunk drivers all the time, it is still a method that the police use. Why is that so? It shows and reminds people why they should not drink and drive.

Get Help from a Lawyer

What if you are caught driving under the influence but the alcohol in your blood isn’t over the legal limit? A lawyer for traffic ticket long beach may also be the lawyer that you want to hire to guide you in your DUI case. If not, the lawyer may recommend someone who can help you.

Take note that you are not recommended to represent yourself in court. Even if you think you are able to do it, your lack of knowledge will not do anything to help you when you are being questioned. It is best to improve your chances with the help of the right lawyer.