Monday 19 October 2020
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9 Ways You Can Use Christmas Lights For Halloween

People would have Christmas lights installed for other kinds of events, such as birthday parties or weddings, so why not hire a Christmas light installer for Halloween?

Here are 9 ways you can have your Christmas lights installed this Halloween:

Be mindful of the Halloween colors when decorating

One of the best tips is to hire a Christmas light installer so that you know which type of lights display would work well with your Halloween decorations. For Halloween, you would want to try orange, green, and purple lights.

Decorate your front porch using flickering candle lanterns

Anything that is flickering adds a nice touch to Halloween decorations. Use candle lanterns to turn your front porch into something a little more spooky, which is always a great way to greet guests!

Frame your door with garland lights

Most Halloween decorations are exterior decorations. Try focusing on your front porch or yard but don’t forget to decorate your front door as well. Frame your door with garland lights so it’s easily noticeable by people who pass by.

Create an electric “haunted” forest using Christmas lights

When it comes to house decorations, it’s best to always think outside the box. It helps to hire a Christmas lights installer so you can brainstorm ideas with them and get great deals in terms of lights display. If you have a big front yard, utilize it to your advantage and create an electric “haunted” forest by wrapping the trees with purple Christmas lights.

Design your very own eerie walkway for trick or treaters

Icicle lights are a great way to light up your walkway. Use a combination of orange and purple lights to give the illusion of eerie tendrils or fingertips rising from the ground up. To make it more obvious, you can display tombstones or creepy skeletons, too!

Use Halloween icicle lights to create a spooky graveyard on your front yard

Speaking of icicle lights, this is also useful for creating a spooky graveyard. Line up tombstone decors and creepy skeletons on your front yard so that walking to your front door will surely be an entirely whole experience in itself!

Create scary shadows by playing with your lights

One of the main reasons why you need the help of a professional is that lights display is more than just hanging lights randomly around your house. You need to carefully plan how each type of light display can affect the entire theme. For Halloween, pay attention to how shadows come into play.

Mimic flames with your lights display

Speaking of shadows, you can create creepy shadow-like figures or you can even mimic flames with your lights display. Consult with a Christmas lights installer to know the techniques on how you can achieve this.

Create creepy spider web lanterns

For our last tip, use purple or green Christmas lights to create creepy spider web lanterns. This little detail can make a huge difference in your Halloween house decoration game.

A common misconception about hiring a Christmas light installer is that they are only booked during the holiday season. What most people do not know is that Christmas lights display can be very versatile!