Thursday 6 August 2020
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9 Signs You’re a Rummy Game Expert

An ancient Indian proverb states that it takes an expert to recognize another one. However, you can easily find an expert in a rummy game by observing certain signs. If you have been winning consecutive games in rummy recently, then it does not necessarily mean that you are an expert. Becoming an expert in rummy takes weeks, months, and even years of practice. Furthermore, expert rummy players also can tailor their strategy according to the existing situation of the game. Do you believe you are a rummy expert?Find out by assessing the following 9 signs of a rummy expert:

  1. They Are Not Overconfident of Their Abilities

The first sign of an expert in a rummy game is that they don’t boast about their skills. Professional rummy players have a humble attitude and are always open to new learning experiences. As a result, experts could learn new tricks, strategies, and techniques quickly and effectively.

  1. The desire for Continuous Learning

As mentioned above, expert players have a knack for learning continuously. Professional rummy players know that they have to improve continuously for winning, and learning helps them in this pursuit.

  1. Strong Observation

An expert rummy player would have strong observation capabilities. Professional players observe every move of their opponent carefully for planning their strategies. The observation capabilities of experts can help them in guessing the cards in their opponent’s hand with the least error possible.

  1. They Arrange the Cards First 

You can also recognize whether a player is an expert or not by looking at their first move in a rummy game. Experts always arrange the cards in their hands as soon as they receive them. The arrangement of cards helps players in obtaining a clear impression of the various possibilities in a particular game.

  1. Quitting at Right Time

Expert rummy players know the right time to drop a game. If they don’t receive good cards in the initial hand, they instantly drop the game. As a result, they can reduce the points that can accumulate with each loss. Besides, experts do not hesitate to drop out in the middle of the game when they realise that the game is not in their favour.

  1. Respect for Opponents

Expert players in the rummy game always respect their opponents. Professional players do not undermine the capabilities of their opponent in a game. Furthermore, an expert player would always ask for advice from fellow players for improving their skills.

  1. A Stable Life

Another notable sign of an expert rummy player is the moderation of playing rummy. Experts generally set specific limits on their playing routine so that they can attend to other responsibilities. As a result, they could maintain stability in their life without compromising the fun of playing rummy.

  1. High Confidence Levels

Confidence is another notable trait that you will notice in expert rummy players. However, as mentioned earlier, professional rummy players are not overconfident about their skills.

  1. Excellent Communicators 

The final sign of an expert rummy player is exceptional communication ability. Professional rummy players can engage in social interaction effectively without any assistance. Regular practice on various online rummy portals brings players in contact with many players from all over the country. Experts capitalise on this opportunity substantially to achieve the improvement of their socialisation skills.


So, you can easily find an expert rummy player by verifying the traits as mentioned above. Lack of overconfidence, strong observation skills, desire for continuous learning, playing according to limits, and promising socialization skills are the prominent traits of an expert in rummy. Develop these traits, and you can also turn out to be a great rummy player!