Sunday 12 July 2020
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4 Pallet Wrapping Techniques to Implement in Your Warehouse

Wrapping and packing methods taking place in shipping facilities and warehouses need to be reviewed on a regular basis. Although such assessments can be taken as a burden, they are an important part of running an efficient packaging process. If you do not conduct assessments on your wrapping processing, how are you going to maintain or improve your operation? You might be using the best pallet wrapping equipment like a robotic pallet wrapper, but the truth is that your productivity is pegged on how you package and ship. There are different ways of wrapping items, your goal should be to eliminate waste and avoid unnecessary processes. Let us look at 4 ways to improve your pallet wrapping efficiency.

Organize Your Floor Efficiently

If you have an unstable floor plan, a fast pallet wrapper will not help you get things done faster. You will struggle a lot with keeping up to pace because you will spend more time looking for wrapping items. You have to pay close attention to where you place items. Place the most used wrapping items close to the packing areas.

Have the right Wrapping Accessories

It is important to invest in reliable wrapping tools and accessories that can help you pack faster. This includes purchasing a high-quality pallet-wrapping device like the automatic BEX 500 pallet wrapper, or the semi-automatic BEX 200 pallet wrapper. If you notice a new version of pallet wrapping machines for sale, check it out. You need to invest in wrapping pallets that do not break during transportation. You should also have replaceable scissors, tape dispensers, box knives, and gloves. Since some of these items get lost often, have most of them in large quantities.

Avoid Wasting Time

Efficiency in the warehouse is important. If the aisle is cluttered with dirt and boxes, workers can easily be harmed. They can also find it hard to operate within the floor quickly. Set up a robust cleaning plan in case you have a busy warehouse. Place common items on a huge shelf space so that you can easily replace the boxed stock when needed.

Maintain High Wrapping Standards

It is common to assume that pallet-wrapping does not require techniques. Someone who packs boxes will correct you immediately. It takes mental acuity, speed, and constant focus to ensure that the products are packed with quality. If you want to maintain high standards, invest in the right training. Prepare a good wrapping process so that all the workers can know exactly what to do and how to do it well.


Pallet-wrapping needs to be an art that is well perfected. You do not want to pack items halfway. It is important to always ensure that the packages arrive at their destination in one peace