Saturday 4 July 2020
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3 Baked goodies that can be substitutes for gifts

Deciding on what to gift a person can be a hard task. It may need a lot of research and well placed questions to find out what the person likes without being too obvious. Surprising them is usually a big part of the giving. So what happens when you don’t have the time to go through this process? Especially if you’re avoiding sending a tacky gift that clearly shows you did a last minute purchase? Or if all your sleuthing tactics don’t get you a clear answer? This is where baked good come in. Everybody loves food, especially those that can be classified as yummy snacks. Lets look at some pastries that could work as a substitute gift.


You can never go wrong with cookies. Ranging from sugar cookies, tea cookies, cinnamon cookies and many more flavors. All you need is a bit of knowledge on what the person prefers, which is quite easy to get. People tend to be very vocal about things they love. Baking skills might come in handy and save you some money, but store bought cookies also work or hiring a professional like Kanida Chey. Just make sure the brand gives good quality and tasty cookies. You can choose to leave it in its original wrapping, which might reduce the personalized feel. Making your own wrapping and presenting it in a pretty jar or wrapping makes it more appreciated as it looks like you put some effort in it,


Since the beginning of time people have had the tradition of giving out pies. Pies serve so many functions ranging from welcoming someone to the neighborhood, thanking someone for inviting you over, consoling someone during loss. So it makes sense that you’d use it as a gift, and it would make sense. There are so many types to choose from. Pies can be filled with almost anything and all you have to do is get the crust right and you have yourself a gift. If you don’t trust yourself around an oven, go the store bought way. Its easy and will be fun for both you and the recipient.


People always have room for cake. Sure it would be a bit weird to  bring a second cake to a party that already has cake. The kicker is, no one will say no to it. Cake is one of the baked goods that everyone loves, be it cupcakes or the big cakes. To be on the safe side, find out if they’re serving cake and what flavor it will be then bring a totally different flavor. It breaks the monotony, so your present won’t flop. Ordering from a professional bakery you trust will make it more appealing; they can decorate the cake or design it to your specifications. Everyone loves cake and if they dont, couple it up with a jar of cookies and you’ll have a winner.

You have yourself a gift!

You can never go wrong with food. Everyone loves eating and will appreciate the gesture. Not forgetting its perfectly acceptable as a gift. So why not?