Sunday 27 September 2020
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15 Crowdfunding Campaign Reward Ideas for Artists’ Fundraisers

Out of the different kinds of crowdfunding models campaigners use, the most widely used is definitely the donation-based model. This model is adopted popularly by nonprofits, patients in need of funds to pay their medical bills and many personal and community-oriented campaigners as well.

However, some other models are used commonly as well. Entrepreneurs’ crowdfunding to launch a startup, a product or a service use the equity-based model, where they offer their donors a share of the profits they make. Artists, innovators and many nonprofits, use the rewards-based crowdfunding India model, where though donors may not gain their money’s worth of rewards, they do receive a gesture or a small gift as a thank-you. For example, an innovator may offer a discount on his product to major donors. A nonprofit may offer small handcrafted objects, made by the community they impact.

Artists are some of the few campaigners that are the most highly recommended to run rewards-based campaigns to be able to find donors. This is mainly due to the fact that their donor base majorly consists of art curators, collectors and fans that will look to benefit in some way from the donation they make. The kind of rewards you can offer will depend on the campaign you’re running.

Reward Ideas for Photographers

  1. If you’re raising funds to publish a photobook, offer to get a copy delivered to the first 20 major donors that claim the reward.
  1. Photographers raising funds to hold an exhibition can offer free tickets to their donors as well.
  1. If you’re running a crowdfunding India campaign for equipment and not an event you can engage your donors in, then offer them something even simpler and cheaper, like a free photography lesson.

Reward Ideas for Filmmakers

  1. Filmmaking provides for an array of simple and free rewards you can offer, like many campaigners on platforms like Impact Guru have before. Give out a limited number of free tickets to the premier.
  1. Consider naming a small character in the movie you’re making after a donor!
  1. Pick 5 of the biggest donors and credit them with the title of “Associate Producer” in your credits. You can mention smaller donors as well in your credits, giving them “Special Thanks”.

Reward Ideas for Painters/Comic Book Artists

  1. Do you create comic books or are you planning to publish a book of your work? Call your biggest donors to the launch!
  1. Create a giant wall painting or art piece for a select number of donors.
  2. Offer to create a customized painting according to their preferences.

Reward Ideas for Musicians/Singers

  1. Give out tickets to your next big gig!
  1. If you’re planning to sell on iTunes or any other platform, offer them the option to download your tracks for free.
  2. Are you creating a music video? Consider offering donors the chance to feature in it!

Reward Ideas for Designers

  1. Give out a limited number of the first prototypes you launch, if you’re a product designer. Be careful with such an offering, as many campaigners have failed in the past, only to aggravate donors.
  1. If you’re a jewellery maker, give out a few free pieces to major donors. Or offer a discount.
  1. If you don’t want to give out free products, you can consider naming a discount code after a handpicked “lucky” donor or two.

Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru make running a fundraiser smooth and easy. Countless filmmakers, product designers and more have been able to surpass their goal amounts in no time. Consider starting a fundraiser for your dream project today.