Thursday 2 July 2020
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What questions should you ask a criminal lawyer who you want to represent you

When you are involved in a criminal case, you need to have a lawyer who represents you who is the best fit for your case. It is not necessary that the most expensive criminal lawyers Liverpool is the one you should go to. The one who has the most amount of experience in dealing with cases such as yours and has the best outcome of cases similar to the one which you are going through will work out the best for you.

Questions you should ask

  1. You should ask him or her of the background as well as of their experience
  2. Where they graduated from and when did they graduate
  3. How long they have been practicing this branch of criminal law
  4. How often is it that they appear in the courthouse
  5. Where the case is going to be handed
  6. Whether they negotiate with the prosecutor’s office
  7. What is their relationship with that of the prosecution office
  8. How often their clients usually go to trial and
  9. How familiar they are with the kind of charges that are placed against you
  10. Whether they belong to any bar associations or to other professional organizations
  11. You also need to understand from them the assessment of your case such as what your legal actions are
  12. Whether they would recommend a guilty plea or a plea arrangement or whether they would want you to go in for a trial
  13. You also need to find out from them what are the aspects of the case which work in your favor and what are the problems which they can foresee and
  14. If there are different stages in the process and what can be expected for example motions arrangement, depositions, motion hearing as well as trials.