Sunday 27 September 2020
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Top News Websites

Reading news online has become a new trend nowadays. There used to be a time when Newspapers were the main source of information for the older generation. The change from the newspaper era to the digital era has made the news websites gain more followers and readers. Now, one does not have to wait for the fellow newspaper vendor to come and provide you with the newspaper which does not even have the recently updated article. What if something has happened in the midnight? That news is going to remain unpublished in the newspaper that you are going to issue in next morning. News websites are fast and it updates the webpage in regular interval so that the reader could get a fresh new material to read every minute. It is so convenient that one can read the news anytime and anywhere without carrying the newspaper with them. Everything is available with them in their pocket. Smartphones have been a great invention of the humankind.

E-News is also good for the environment. No trees will be cut anymore just to publish a few pages of news. The news website such as provides a world of news in just one click. And it also helps in labour cost reduction. The money they were spent on buying hard copies have now stopped as the news available online is free of cost.

Some of the top news websites are listed below:

  1. Fox News:

It is an American media company which has a great reputation in the field of media. The fox news posts contents and news on various different aspects such as politics, business, food, health, celebrities, arts and culture, science and technology, and sports. These categories have news in detail so that the readers could read and get all their questions answered about a certain event.

  1. ESPN:

It is also an American based channel. ESPN is popular throughout the world. It has a great fan following. There are many sports enthusiast in today’s world. Every human being has a craze for a certain sports event. ESPN publishes news about any sports taking place or that has already taken place in detail. The followers enjoy the treat of getting to know about their favourite sporting event in detail by reading about it.

  1. Mashable:

Mashable is a digital media website developed by Pete Cashmore in the year 2005. It is a great source if you are a techie and want to stay up on the latest news. The software guides in the Mashable websites yield great piece of information. They are highly informative and useful.

  1. Buzz Feed:

It is one of the most popular blogs of all time. The blog provides news on current scenarios in the field of politics, entertainment, technologies, and many more social issues. They have a huge fan following in the social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They also post videos and other images that are based on the news which are very much liked by the followers.