Sunday 27 September 2020
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Computers are known to be a durable machine. If ever you accidentally dropped yours on the floor, you’ll know that. At some cases, your computer can handle being thrown inside a bag pack, even carted around on planes, used both in and outdoors and the worst, running for several hours almost every day. Having said so, there are still some things that you should never do to your PC if want to prolong its lifespan and keep it running smoothly. Don’t worry, if there’s a need for computer repairs, there are numerous trusted service providers that can assist and help you in solving a particular issue on your computer.

Here’s the list of the things that should be avoided:

Let it get Dirty

Please be aware that as your computer runs, it makes use of its internal fan to move air around that will keep sensitive electronic components cool. Over time, these fans attract dust and other particulates that eventually build up in your PC’s casing and might become a real hazard. In order to prevent your computer from breaking down, you need to clean it regularly.

Forget to Plug it Into a Surge Protector

We know that most people plug their computers into the wall without even thinking about the possible things that may happen. This can really cause a serious problem with your computer’s hard drive. Even if it’s under the best circumstances, it is proven that electrical grids are still vulnerable to power surges. It is commonly due to lightning strikes and other power glitches and these scenarios can fry your computer’s internal components and may result in early hard drive failure. It is recommended to plug your computer into a surge protector, rather than the wall.

Force Anything Closed

Regardless if it’s a CD tray or a flash drive cover, jamming anything closed on your computer will surely lead to damages and may call for a costly repair. If something is stuck open on your computer, you can try to close it gently. If it does not work, it is suggested to ask for assistance to your computer repair service provider for this to be fixed.  

Carry it Uncovered

If you want to ensure that your computer is safe from bumps and cracks, cover it in a case or any protector when you take it with you. It is a preventive measure against an accidental drop and keeps more sensitive components safe.

Leave it Open

If you are using a laptop, have a habit of closing it when it’s not in use. Please be reminded that your keyboard is one of the most vulnerable parts of your laptop since beneath its key are complex series of electrical circuits and tiny components.

Install Unknown Programs

Refrain from installing computer programs coming from untrusted sites. You need to evaluate it first before downloading since malicious software are scattered everywhere. It also keeps your computer and even the data being stored on it safe.

Forget About App Updates

To avoid putting your entire computer system at risk, be sure to update your computer’s software. It is recommended to enable auto-updates on your system to keep your computer together with its program working well.