Monday 21 September 2020
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The Lure of Online Channels for Buying Used Cars

A buyer of Personal Contract Hire Peugeot 1007 today can walk into a dealership or a company showroom and purchase a used Maruti car. However, the same buyer can enjoy online buying of used Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 in Bangalore. Although new comparatively, the online channels have a lot of benefits for the users today.

Choice of Cars

In addition to the large number of cars, the buyers also get to choose between certified and non-certified cars. You don’t need to buy a certified car if you get a car that is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You get to choose between both types of cars.

Certification Responsibility

Online portals take on the responsibility of getting the cars inspected and certified for the seller. Hence, the buyer gets a car that is thoroughly checked for multiple aspects and it trouble free. A buyer also gets legal protection in such cars bought from online dealers.

Online Interaction Facility

A buyer can look at the car’s history online and can talk to the seller online before making an in person visit. He can interact with the seller to find out more details of the car, its usage, its ownership history, and his reason for selling it. They can negotiate on the asking price as well. After everything is settled and the buyer is satisfied he can then make a personal visit and do a physical inspection of the car. This saves time and effort for the buyer and the seller.

Additional Services

In addition to making used cars available to the buyer, online portals also offer a host of other additional services. For example if a buyer needs help with securing loan for the purchase then the website can help. Similarly, services are also available for insurance and transfer of ownership.