Saturday 4 July 2020
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Popular and Trendy Pearl Earrings Styles

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Women with different pearl earring style collection in her wardrobe can outshine on every occasion. However, when they plan to wear a pair, they have to consider your skin tone and face shape then consider the earring’s size, style, length, design, and material. This can make or break your look!

Luxurious earring types

Drop pearl earrings, pearl studs and gold pearl chandeliers are favorite accessories for majority of fashionistas. For being in the spotlight these sparkling luxurious earrings combined with sparkly gems and gold are the great options.

Trendy pearl earrings styles

  • Stud – Studs are popular among college girls as they are simple, stylish and chic. Studs include a pearl and metal design that fixes tightly to her earlobe. You can choose variety of shapes including geometric, stars, conceptual, and more.
  • Drop – Long or short drop earrings are type of shimmering jewelry. Pearl drop earrings spotlight your grace and femininity. It even offers her an aristocratic appearance.
  • Hoops – Hoops have a flexible design and looks. They vary in styles, materials, color, diameters and more.
  • Danglers – Young women and girls adore danglers. If the pearl colors match with your outfit then it makes her look gorgeous, the pearls flow at the bottom of your ear lobes. Danglers are available in different lengths.
  • Chandeliers – Chandeliers and drop earrings are misunderstood. They are not same. The former has complex design including multilayered pearls and interweaving of tassels or gemstones.
  • Cluster – Clusters are similar to studs in fastening style but feature tiny pearls or diamonds or both. It is a single captivating composition or pattern.
  • Threader – Also popular as ear string and designed in a thin chain, which slips inside the hole and comes out as dangles. The chain has pearls on one end, which makes it look very gorgeous.
  • Cuff – Design of cuff earrings looks unique as it covers major part of your ears from lobe to top on the edges.
  • Huggy – Earring encircle your lobes as fastening. It hugs to your ears. They are available in pentagon, round, heart and rectangular shape studded with tiny pearls or gemstones.

Women even choose different kinds of piercing earrings like straight barbells, circular barbells, circular conebells, ear spikes, and plugs. Besides all these there are plethoras of earring styles, which you can try!