Thursday 6 August 2020
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Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL

In the world of modern DBMS Oracle and PostgreSQL are both very popular database management systems coming with wide range of features and tools. Each of these database management systems has its own cons and pros. For example, Oracle has strict licensing limitations and high total cost of ownership compared to PostgreSQL. This is the main reason why many organizations  migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQLconsists of the steps below:

  • Oracle table definitions are exported in form of data definition language SQL-statements
  • These statements are converted into the destination format withnecessary type mapping, substitution of embedded functions that are not supported in PostgreSQL, etc and loaded into the target PostgreSQL database
  • Oracle data is exported from the source database into comma separated values files as an intermediate storage
  • That data is converted according to the destination format with transformation of binary data, dates and escaping special symbols in text fields when it is necessary. Then it is loaded into the PostgreSQL database.
  • Oracle views, stored procedures and triggersare exported as SQL CREATE-statements and source code.
  • These statements and source code is converted according to the destination format and loaded into the destination database.

This guide to migration procedure indicates that it is not an easy task to migrate database from Oracle to PostgreSQL manually. It may required lot ofre sources and also there is risk of data loss or corruption due to the human factor.It is reasonable to use special software in order to free human resources, to reduce the corresponding risks and to automate the process of database migration.

Many software vendors offer solutions for automating database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL. It is developed by Intelligent Converters, a software company specializing in database migration and synchronization.

Product Features

  1. Oracle to PostgreSQL converter handles table definitions, data, constraints, indexes, foreign keys and views
  2. The program uses direct connection to both source and destination databases as well as bulk insert techniques in order to reach high performance of the migration process
  3. All versions of Oracle and PostgreSQL DBMS are supported including “software as a service” (cloud) variations
  4. For purpose of automation the program supports command line arguments and stores conversion settings into profile

Besides main features listed above the program can filter Oracle data to migrate using SELECT-queries. This feature allows to select particular columns and records, to merge multiple tables together and to transform Oracle data before converting it into PostgreSQL format.

To learn more about Oracle to PostgreSQL database migration tool please visit the product page: